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Drop Goodwin p/u R. Mathews...is this a bad move?? (1 Viewer)


Playing in a 13 team best ball league that gives 3 points for RB/TE/WR touchdowns and .05 for receptions. I am currently in 2nd place and my team consist of the following:

Bell, Crowell, Hyde, Clement, Gore, Ware and Mack at RB

Enunwa, Evans, Goodwin, Green, Meredith, Ridley and Stills at WR

O.J Howard and Olsen at TE (Did pick up Olsen's back up and Hayden Hurst as well)

Bortles and Brees at QB

Cowboys and Panthers at DF

Colts kicker.

Goodwin basically hasn't played all year and now with a bad hammy appears to be out for awhile longer. Doesn't seem like I can do much worse with Mathews....at least he will be playing HOPEFULLY..

thanks and I will take a look at your post as well


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