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Drop Hurns, Mack, Ebron or Goff for Def/ST? 12 team std (1 Viewer)


My league cut a round off our draft (16-15 rounds) so I didn't draft a defense thinking I had another round.  Bottom of my roster is Hurns, Mack, Ebron, Goff.  Need to pick up a defense, who should I cut?  Also wouldn't mind handcuffing with T. Yeldon.  Who should I dump? 

QB: Newton, Goff

RB: Fournette, Cook, Collins, Crowell, Mack

WR: Cooper, Cooks, Edelman, Cole, Hurns

TE: Walker, Ebron

I'd probably drop Ebron.  But I'm a proponent of only keeping one tight end rostered and picking up a fill in when your tight end goes on bye.  

The next easiest to replace is probably Hurns.  He could be decent in Dallas this year, but most likely, Dallas is going to be a run heavy offense and you will probably be able to pick up another receiver that's just as productive as Hurns if you come down to needing one.

I keep Mack.  He may not be great but there are only so many starting running backs in the NFL.  Just hope you never need him.  And I keep Goff just because I like him.  The Rams defense is going to keep opposing offenses off the field so even though the Rams will also be run heavy, he should still get plenty of opportunities to make some plays.

These short bench leagues leave a lot of talent on the wire.

I'd drop Mack.  I just don't see any one RB emerging from the backfield this year.  I think it will be a mess and you'll be happy to have no part of it.

Also, I wouldn't bother with grabbing Yeldon.  Too much talent on the wire to waste a roster spot on a handcuff when you can have actually starters.

Please take a look at my trade question.  Thanks!  :thumbup:

Yeah, im going back and forth between Ebron, Mack and Hurns.  Ebron is the least held of the three but luck loves the TE, Mack is hurt and in a bad backfield but still could emerge as the RB1 where there aren't a lot of RBs to be had.  Hurns is in a bad offense but should get targets.  Its a 12 team league so while you can find some fill ins, the wire is only 12 players better than a normal bench.


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