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Drop Jimmy G or John Brown (1 Viewer)


I need to pick up a licker for week one and need to drop 1 player. Not sure how the an situation is going to work out nor do I know how J.Brown is going to work out. It’s  a 1/2 point ppr league. Here is my team...Thanks in advance.

QB/ A.Luck, P.Mahomes, Jimmy G

RB/ T.Gurley, L.Miller, C.Hyde, P.Barber, J.Conner

WR/ T.Y. Hilton, S.Diggs, J.Gordon, M.Goodwin, J.Brown

TE/ T.Burton

D/ Saints

With those RB’s why do you need Connor other than trade bait to the Bell owner. Drop Connor if you can’t trade him to the Bell owner because you are not going to use him. Or drop Mahomes.

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My thinking on not dropping Conner is that if Bell doesn’t report or is traded he could be a league winner

My thinking on not dropping Conner is that if Bell doesn’t report or is traded he could be a league winner
I still don’t see him even if Bell doesn’t report or gets traded making a huge impact that is better than Hyde or Barber and definitely not Miller and Gurley. He still would be as space filler or trade bait on your team in my opinion. I have watched the connection in the short time both Flacco and John Brown have played in the preseason and they looked good together. I see Brown moving up to the #1 WR early in the season for the Ravens. I am a Ravens fans.

unless you are starting 2 QB's or have a Super Flex I would drop one of your QB's - I can't see any reason to have 3 QB's.  Conner could be the starter for the next 6 weeks if Bell holds out that long (I can't imagine him staying out past the time where he has to play another year in Pittsburgh).  And If Bell holds out for a while he's always an injury risk when he first returns.  I don't have a strong preference among the 3, but I think I'd put Jimmy G last.

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