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Drop L. Schulters or D. Smith for Faggins? (1 Viewer)


Faggins has been a tackle machine. Should I drop Schulters or D. Smith for him?

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Faggins has been a tackle machine. Should I drop Schulters or D. Smith for him?
One game doesn't qualify someone to be a "tackle machine." If you want to pick up a Texan, then pick up C.C. Brown.

Also, D. Smith with put up better numbers, IMO. Schulters and Faggins are a wash.

Try the past two games. These are the only 2 games he's started and he has 17-1 tackles in those two games. That and he makes big plays.

Faggins will continue to be picked on with Dunta on the other side.Just keep in mind if he continues to get burned as bad as he has been, the Texans will make the switch back to an almost as bad Phillip Buchanon.

The Texans made the switch to Faggins because they wanted a CB that would be more physical over Buchanon. Faggins isn't a big guy but he steps up and makes tackles, take a look at more than just the past two games and you will see he has done well as even the nickleback. I think ideally they would like to keep him at nickle but Buchanon has been horrid and so they have no choice but to go with Faggins. He will fluctuate like a CB does but he should still get tackles.Now would I drop Smith for him, hard call but I would likely stay the course with Smith. If you want to gamble a bit I would drop Shulters for Faggins, which is what I would do myself.


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