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Drop WR for Ebron? (1 Viewer)


12 team full PPR, going to make playoffs as a top 2 seed.  Current roster as follows:

RB - J Conner, K Johnson, G Edwards, J Adams

WR - D Adams, A Cooper, DJ Moore, C Ridley, J Reynolds

TE - T Kelce

Ebron is on waivers, he should be a stud with Doyle out.  Don't want to drop an RB as Johnson is up in the air, and Edwards and Adams still have questions marks.  Obviously Ebron would only be a flex play for me, since I have Kelce.  Should I go for Ebron by dropping Moore, Ridley, or Reynolds and if so, which one?

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Out of those I would drop Reynolds but I don't think I would ever start him over any of your other guys. Ebron is good to have though if Kelce sits in week 16 however so he is good insurance.

Dropping Reynolds for Ebron is a smart move at this juncture.  It gives you Kelce insurance and keeps Ebron off of your opponents.  Reynolds is a solid flex option but there are many of those.  I don't see him as having the same value as Ebron would on the open market. 


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