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Duke Ihenacho (1 Viewer)

PFF has him on their radar.

They gave him one of their highest grades after the first X-Game.

Here is their take:


Duke Ihenacho, SS, Denver Broncos (+3.3)

What went well: Running with the first-team defense, Ihenacho did a nice job of attacking downhill in the running game to the tune of six tackles and three stops. Even when he wasn’t making tackles, he made an impact as evidenced by his taking out right tackle Anthony Davis’ pull block to string out a pitch early in the first quarter. When they ran away from him, he filled the cutback lane, when they ran his way, he’d knife into the backfield and make the play. In coverage, he did a nice job tracking a scrambling Colt McCoy and breaking up his pass attempt to Kassim Osgood early in the second and later forced a fumble on WR A.J. Jenkins.

Needs to show: Ihenacho needs to continue to impress in coverage. He did have one misstep against the 49ers when he tracked a corner route too far, allowing an easy first down on a curl route. He appeared to be fooled by WR Anquan Boldin’s crack motion and subsequent tight split in the formation. If he continues to be a force against the run while showing more discipline in the passing game, Ihenacho could thrust himself into the competition at strong safety in Denver.


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