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Dunta Robinson for KGB (1 Viewer)


6-Team, Cumulative Points League (no H2H), Start 2 DL/1 LB/2 DB

Scoring System:

TD - 6 pts.

Safety - 3 pts.

Sack - 2 pts.

Assisted Sack - 1 pt.

INT - 2 pts.

Fumble Recovery - 2 pts.

Tackle - 1 pt.

Assisted Tackle - 0.5 pt.

The Rabbits of Caerbannog (my team):

DL - T. Suggs, K. Williams, A. Schobel, S. Ellis

LB - D. Edwards, J. Peterson

DB - E. Reed, T. Polamalu, D. Robinson, T. Parrish

Crazy Chameleons (his team):

DL - D. Freeney, KGB, J. Kearse, R. Hayward

LB - T. Spikes, K. Brooking

DB - R. Barber, M. Williams, D. Darius, A. Archuleta

The one mistake I had in the draft was not getting a big sack number DL. I feel it's the only thing keeping my team from being great. I thought that might be Kevin Williams, but the Vikings D just looked plain awful week one. Plus, I was not really impressed with him. Do you think that I need to make a trade or will Willliams or one of my other DL (Schobel or Ellis) come around? Schobel did have two sacks week one.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It's a week!That said, I think you're discussing a bench player trade, as I'd probably lean toward Williams/Schobel and Reed/Polamalu weekly.


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