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Dunta Robinson or Tony Parrish (1 Viewer)


My DB's are as follows (start 2):

Deltha O'Neal

Tony Parrish

Troy Polamalu

Dunta Robinson

I have Troy Polamalu on bye this week and don't know who to start between Tony Parrish and Dunta Robinson. Do you think Dunta is worth a start this week? He'll be covering Chad Johnson and I'd imagine that the Bengals are going to try and get him the ball a lot. Even if Johnson catches it Dunta should be the one to tackle him afterwards.

Scoring System:

TD - 6 pts.

Safety - 3 pts.

Sack - 2 pts.

Assisted Sack - 1 pt.

INT - 2 pts.

Fumble Recovery - 2 pts.

Tackle - 1 pt.

Assisted Tackle - 0.5 pt.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I just picked Parrish up off the WW to start this week. He has a history of int's and is playing against a young inexperienced QB who's team has two high profile WR's and no running game. :yes:


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