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Dwayne Slay (1 Viewer)


First, take a look. The dude packs a wow of a hit on this poor QB.


Good story for this kid, just transferred to a D-I team this year (Texas Tech) after tearing through AA and earning honors. Was voted All-Big 12 and placed as the #2 DB behind Michael Huff in the collegefootballnews.com rankings. Seems like this guy hits like a LB, would be interested in hearing about his coverage skills as well and how he does against bulkier players (RB's, FB's)

Could be a late-round (day 2) steal due to his inexperience. From what I see, he had a hell of a season at TTU.

In coolnerd's Champ Sports Bowl thread, I was just commenting on Brian Iwuh (S COL), and I stated that he is probably the 2nd hardest hitting safety coming out of college. Slay IS the hardest hitting. Period. He is very raw, and he has a lot of critics, but this kid brings the wood like no other. His coverage skills and lack of quality experience are the biggest concerns. He did get an invite to the combine, and nobody would have expected that going into the season. As I mentioned in the other thread, there is a shortage of big hitting safeties across the league right now. Guys like Slay and Iwuh may see a surprising jump in value come draft day. New England has a ton of picks in the mid rounds and a history of making unconventional picks. I expect one of these two to end up in NE with a 3rd or 4th rounder. If Slay impresses in the interviews, and scores better than expected on the clock... well, he may not be on the clock as long as most think.

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