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Dwight Freeney of Indy (1 Viewer)


Someone actually dropped him in my league (it's not a pure IDP league, we only start two IDP players per week, the other 8 spots are for offense, but I'm trying to get any edge I can get.)What can you expect from this guy playing San Fran, then St Louis, then Houston? I'm thinking a lot of production...but I'm going to be honest, I'm not that familiar with IDP stuff. If someone more experienced in IDP can share their thoughts, appreciate it.

The Colts DL will be a big factor in those 3 games (3 of the most sacked teams in the league), but it is hard to say what will actually happen. Will SF, STL and/or HOU keep 7 in to block and only send out 3 receivers? Will Freeney get single-teamed (doubtful), double teamed or triple teamed? Sacks come in bunches, too, and who knows if Freeney will get the sacks or someone like Robert Mathis or Montae Reagor will get them.

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