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DWilliams vs SWare...who's the guy? (1 Viewer)


Looking to redraft for playoffs (after wild card games over) and can't get any kind of read at all on who will be toting the rock for the Chiefs but...whoever it is, that's one of the guys I'm gonna be targeting. The rankings out there, in FBGs and elsewhere, all seem to favor Williams, who has shown that he can handle it. But Ware has had about a month to recover from his injury and (IMO) could be the starter now that he's apparently healthy. I'd love to figure out who it's gonna be, but if there's no clarity or (worse yet) if it looks like it may be a committee I may have to pass on the opportunity to have a KC RB.

Appreciate thoughts. Thanks!

I drafted Williams to be the guy but don’t know for sure. Eyeballs tell me he is closer to Hunt than Ware is.

Think Ware is way better value but Williams has looked pretty great. Don’t think they will give much in the way of clues though. 


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