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Dwyer v Redmond.....who starts? (1 Viewer)

Soaring Eagle

Depth charts have Redmond ahead but Dwyer seems to be going earlier in drafts and has higher projections...who is the starter with bell out?

Haha it's Redman, not Redmond mon. In all likelihood this will be a RBBC. In all honestly, it's a situation to avoid but if you're going to stash someone away on your bench it should be Dwyer. He has the most upside of the two and looked pretty good when given a shot last year (pair of 100+ yard games in October) and has looked rather good in the preseason.

A lot of Steeler fans, including me, think it will be LSH
Yep. In PPR I think he laps the other two.

In non-PPR or TD only, I think it's too close to call. Dwyer is more dynamic than Redman. Redman seems more reliable. I'd take the upside of Dwyer between the two because we already know that Redman isn't going to put up worthwhile numbers even if he is the man.

I'll go with Redman. I question Dwyer vision. Looks to me that he would rather attempt to run over a defender than run to daylight.

My question is whether Bell is worth stashing for when he comes back (somewhere between weeks 4 and 6). I'm not sure what the fallout from a Lisfranc is and whether it would affect how he performs.

Regardless of who gets the gig in Bell's absence, the only guy to own is Bell, and I'm not even sure about that anymore.


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