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Dyn 12 Team Bball startup. Drafting Fri or Sat (Locked in on Sleeper) Want to to fill asap (1 Viewer)


Hey. If you want to give Dynasty Bball a try. This is your opportunity. NBA season is 2 weeks past now. So want to fill it fast.

If you've heard of the concept Deal or no Deal. That's how this works in H2H scoring. 😎🙂

You start 10 players. And have a bench of 10. With 3 TS. $20 buy in. 2 yrs up front.

I'm open to tweaks and suggestions on the scoring and roster setup. Not major ones but little ones.

Jacobomoses@gmail.com is a good email to ask questions or Message here.
Hey, join my fantasy basketball league on Sleeper! http://sleeper.com/i/QO77YPzB5ZaJ

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