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Dynasty 1.01 for Taylor + (1 Viewer)


16 tm PPR - QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, K, Def


Currently offered to me:

I give: 1.01
I get: J. Taylor and 1.11

Leaning toward no, but tempting since due to my RB situation.

Stroud, Love
Walker, Kamara, K. Miller, Z. Evans, Spiller, McIntosh
Lamb, Chase, Addison, G. Davis, Z. Jones, Shorter Jarrett
Hockenson, Mayer, Kraft, Woods, Strange
Tucker, Myers
Dolphins, Jaguars
It's close and you are in a position to compete right now so it makes it even more tempting. However, Missing out on MHJ and his potential longevity is the big cost here. Taylor (RB's in general) have such a short shelf life that giving up the longer term value of MHJ makes me lean towards needing more.

If Minnesota had a better QB future it might swing me a bit but with that unknown it could render Addison to bench fodder so getting MHJ is that much more important. If you were getting a pick back that would still get you Odunze or Nabors and Taylor I likely do it. But not for the 1.11. I would want another piece.

It might be worth shopping to the league and see what kind of offers you get and remember the closer you get to your draft the more people will be willing to pay for the 1.01
Yeah, would need something better than the 1.11 added IMO. I love Taylor but the injury history is there the last two years.
Thanks for the replies! Seems like my initial thought was consensus, wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
Trade down to 1.02 take Nabers. I think you'll be solid. I have Taylor. I'm not trading for a RB
I like the trade down for Nabers play, except for teams with a good shot to win this year. MHj should have a great rookie season as the clear #1 with a good QB. Nabers doesn't have a reliable QB.

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