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Dynasty/Contract League has a couple openings (1 Viewer)



Insane Asylum is looking to replace 2 owners.

Dynasty / Contract / Auction league (no salaries).


2 open teams at this time.

Open Team - Dalton (3rd pick in rookie draft)

Open Team - Flacco (6th pick and 16th pick in rookie draft) - currently being held for rules/scoring review

$60 entry fee plus optional $30 fee to trade next years picks

45 man rosters

5 man taxi squad

19 players started each week

5 round rookie draft

unique scoring

Victory Points

contracts between 1-4 years and rookies 5 year

auction for players when contract expires

annual franchise tag

annual transition tag

active trading league - 100 trades last year

Please check out the rules to make sure this league is a good fit for you. This league does take some time and being active is the only way to compete.

Please go to the

Communication --> email commissioner

If your interested in signing up or for more information.

Thanks for your interest

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