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Those of us that love dynasty football discuss QB's, RB's, WR's, and TE's at length. I think it's time we discuss dynasty defenses. The upside, potential, future role of a single player is sometimes easy to ascertain. An entire defense is sometimes hard for those who don't follow them every week.

Take a minute to talk about the team you follow closely (the one you cheer for in real life or in the fantasy realm).

Green Bay

Free agency over the next few years will be very important. Current starters becoming free agents after the next two off seasons are: DE Kampman (after 2009), DT Pickett (2009), S Nick Collins (2009), DT Jolly (2009), S Bigby (2008 restricted). Other contributors include LB Chillar (2009), CB Tramon Williams (2008 restricted), DE Bjaga-Biamila (2009), DE Montgomery (2008), DT Cole (2008), CB Blackmon (2009). This may seem daunting but Thompson has the money to keep this squad together.

The Secondary will eventually need to replace the aging veterans Woodson and Harris. Woodson looks reborn this year. He has always played well for the Pack but never this well. Young Tramon Williams has filled in wonderfully for Harris and looks to be one answer. 2008 2nd round pick Patrick Lee should also factor in. Will Blackmon also has demonstrated some ability when healthy. Safety looks young and solid. 3 players in Bigby, Rouse, and Collins gives the Packers young depth.

The Linebacker corp also has depth this year for the first time. Barnett, Hawk, and Poppinga are signed to long-term deals. They should be playing together for a long time. Chillar has been a good addition as a linebacker who can play the pass (sometimes for Hawk and sometimes for Poppinga).

The D-line has been a big problem this year. Injuries have really hurt the depth. This area will be key towards the fantasy future of the Packers. Losing the versatile Cullen Jenkins to injury earlier this year hurt badly. He was playing as well as anyone. 2007 1st round pick DT Justin Harrell has not developed because of multiple injuries. Watch him as he comes back this fall. If he developes the skills that made him a #1 pick, this could be a great fantasy defense for the next few years. KGB is a liability (cap-wise & skill wise). He is being forced to play too many downs and cannot hold up against the run. Injuries do happen and the Packers will need to add some depth to this unit in the off-season. Adding another pass rusher will be vital. Kampman is in need of some help in that regard.

The Packers don't have a dominant kick returner on the horizon to aid the defenses fantasy value.

The Packers corners play bump and run. Not many teams do this. In my opinion this leads to more opportunities for skilled defenders on the outside to make plays and long defensive touchdowns. This philosophy has served the Packers well and will continue. On the flip side, you are not going to see elaborate blitzes under the currect coaching philosophy so sacks will never come in bunches.

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