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[DYNASTY] DL #22.23 (1 Viewer)

DL #22

  • Trent Cole

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  • Justin Smith

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  • Kevin Williams

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  • Simeon Rice

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  • Aaron Kampman

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  • Mario Williams(R)

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  • Mattias Kiwanuka(R)

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  • Orpheus Roye

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  • Other

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Please comment on your vote, and list any player that should be nominated for the next round. If you must assume a scoring system, go with 0.5 points per half-tackle, 3 points per sack / INT / FF / FR.Defensive ends and Defensive tackles are rolled together for this category.1. Julius Peppers2. Dwight Freeney3. Jason Taylor4. Osi Umenyiora5. Aaron Schobel6. Charles Grant7. Will Smith8t. John Abraham8t. Adewale Ogunleye10. Terrell Suggs11t. Robert Mathis11t. Michael Strahan13. Patrick Kerney14. Bert Berry15. Jared Allen16. Derrick Burgess17. John Henderson18. Rod Coleman19. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila20. Kyle Vanden Bosch21. Leonard Little Who's #22?(note: James Hall*, Alex Brown, Kearse, Tony Hargrove added soon)*Removed for a round for getting 0 votes.Suggestions on which players to add next are encouraged.Final results:Trent Cole [ 2 ] [9.09%] Justin Smith [ 6 ] [27.27%] Kevin Williams [ 1 ] [4.55%] Simeon Rice [ 7 ] [31.82%] Aaron Kampman [ 2 ] [9.09%] Mario Williams® [ 2 ] [9.09%] Mattias Kiwanuka® [ 0 ] [0.00%] Orpheus Roye [ 1 ] [4.55%] Other [ 1 ] [4.55%] Rice and Smith win.

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Isn't Rice 47? I'd rather have the much younger Justin Smith in a dynasty..
he'll be 32 years old in FebruaryBUT, he's only missed one game in the past 5 years and that was from a team suspension this year. He's also averaged 39 solo tackles, 13.5 sacks and 4 FFs over that time span.

Justin Smith is 5 years younger but he's never finished with more than 8.5 sacks in a season, and his average of 43 solos/year and 1 FF/yr isn't quite enough to make up the gap.

Smith will give you better production over the next 4 or 5 years, but I think Rice will perform better over the next 2 years. Rice is still a couple years younger than Michael Strahan and Strahan just missed out on making the top 10. He's also about the same age as Jason Taylor who made the top 3. I don't think age is a sufficient reason to downgrade Rice unless you're going to do the same for Taylor.

Good points.. You changed my mind.. And, for the record, I'd rather have "very good" performance for two years than "good" performance for four. Good performance can be replaced easier..


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