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Dynasty draft pick trade (1 Viewer)


10 team Dynasty 2QB league 6pt all TDs. PPR. 26 man roster.

Other team
Gonna finish last or second to last.
Nevers attends the draft.
Should have 1.01 or 1.02 pick.
I'm asking him for his 1st and 2nd 2023
Non snaking draft.

My 1st 1.10 worst case
My 2nd 2.10 worst case
Mid 2nd 2.5 best case
My 3rd 3.10 worst case
Late 3rd 3.7 best case
Mid 3rd 3.5 ish
All 2023 picks.

My team is loaded, B2B champs, current leading scorer and in 1st win loss record.

My issue is I don't have room for sleepers and flyers on my roster. I need to consolidate picks. It's ok to overpay a little for likely better odds, draft capital talent.

My team
Qb R Wilson, Tua, DWatson, TLance IR, Ehlinger Bye filler

WR JJefferson, AJBrown JWaddle, CGodwin, DLondon, COlave, RondaleMoore, AlecPierce, KToney

RB jTaylor, NChubb, DPierce, JkDobbin, AJDillon BrobinsonJr,

TE Kelce, Goedert

His team

QB Tom Brady, m Ryan, Mariota Wentz
WR lockett, Julio Jones, Jeudy, Devonta Smith, DCarter, RWoods, IMcKenzie, ZayJones, TPatrick
RB D Montgomery, CorderelleP, Zeke, Akers, DHilliard, gainwell, James Conner,
TE Ertz,

His team is aging out and little to no building blocks so I thought this could be beneficial
There's no way I would accept that offer for just the 1.01 or 1.02 pick and you're asking for the 2.01 or 2.02 pick too? Easy REJECT.
You can't expect to offer a bunch of nickels and dimes for a dollar.
You can try and offer it up, but as northern exposure said I doubt it will be accepted.

Maybe throw in a couple players with the deal also. You could probably throw in Kelce (although if his team is that bad off he likley won't want the aging Kelce). More likely you could put in London or Olave in the deal and see if he bites. You don't really need both of them with your WR room so it could help get the early picks.

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