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Dynasty draft thread, with some analytics and a little IDP, and NO mocks (1 Viewer)


WOW ... don't know the source, but very negative on Gibbs non-perfect blocked runs.
I was ready to believe that Gibbs was Kamara 2.0. He could also be Kenyan Drake. Or a better JD McKissick.

The size thing weighs on me, because if you aren't a special runner at that size, you will most likely wind up a 3rd down back who doesn't get many carries. Which is helpful for NFL teams, but caps your fantasy value.


A reminder that speed matters but is not everything...

7 RBs ran <=4.4 at the 2022 NFL combine:

2 drafted in round 2.

2 drafted in round 4.

1 drafted in round 5.

1 drafted in round 7.

1 undrafted.

Evaluate the profile as a whole and never get carried away with one input.


Seven RBs were graded solidly within Day 2 in Dane Brugler's Beast:

Bijan, Gibbs, Charbo, Achane, Spears, Roschon, Tank

Four more: Z Evans, Izzy, Kendre, Gray got R3/4 grades

The Beast released today. Haven't gotten into it yet.

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