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It's no secret that the upcoming draft class is a fantasy bonanza. I've never seen a greater value placed on future picks or a larger number of teams in my leagues trying to tank at the start of the season or trying so hard to throw in the towel as the trade deadline approaches.

With that in mind, isn't the shark (tm) move to zag and go full on f them picks? With most leagues shutting down trading in the near future value is at it's all time high a move to put you over the top for this season and I think we can all agree it's better to win a chip then spend the next three years building towards one.
What do ya'll think?


I also think that those in SF or 2 QB leagues will value the picks even higher than other leagues. I have no idea if that is good or bad but that seems to be the case.

Hot Sauce Guy

Is the class actually that great is my question. Obviously Bijan is a locked and loaded 1.01 but after that I’m not sure this class is so special. Not saying it’s bad, just more average than people have been claiming.
I disagree - it’s a very good QB class, which adds a ton of value, especially for those in SF leagues.

There are also arguably 4 RBs after Robinson who could easily be FF-worthy in Evans, Gibbs, Bigsby, & Tucker. A couple more who should be receiving backs or between the tackles bruisers.

And Addison, Boutte, Downs, Harrison Jr, JSN, Mimms - and a few more ‘make up a really solid WR class.

And Meyer has the look of a top FF TE, but of course TE’s are notoriously difficult to predict.

That all said, and with a nod to the OP, I have 1,2,3 and some combination of 4-5,7-8, 9-10, & 13. So I’m considering taking 2 QB + Bijan with the 1st 3 picks, then seeing what I can get for the rest.

If a rebuilding team wants to part with a star WR, I’ve got the ammo to go after a player or 2.

It’s definitely a “bird in the hand” situation, and it certainly could be worth doing a couple 2 for 1s with those last 4 picks to get 2 studs instead of 4 prospects.

That said, it could also be the shark play to stack up on rookies and hope you hit at a high enough rate that it’s worth going that route.

I could see both sides of this one.


That said, it could also be the shark play to stack up on rookies and hope you hit at a high enough rate that it’s worth going that route.
I would much rather have the proven NFL players over that many rookies. I would definitely go with the using the first three picks and trading all the rest for proven players. That many rookies could be a death knell and keep you floundering for years because you "gotta keep them to see if they pan out"


Top 3 RB class in last 15 years(2008/2017). Bijan is rightfully the apple of everyone's eye and reason most people who are tanking. My leagues all have draft playoffs for top picks and as of the beginning of this week I'll have two teams in the draft playoffs and while sure goal #1 is trying to win 1.1 I'm going to be pretty happy with 1.2 and Gibbs.

TE class is outstanding but it's not a premium position, believe 3 TE's have a shot to be real NFL first round picks, but think number comes in at 2.

WR is average but a little lighter to me then past two seasons.

QB is not valued in my leagues and I only see 2 in this draft that likely push for second round picks, none in the first.

All in all I am as excited for top pick this year as I expected. I'm a little less excited about the latter parts of the draft.

As to the OP's question about pushing these picks into winning now. I only did this once and I consider it a disaster in large part because one of the picks I gave up I know with 100% certainty I'd have drafted Justin Jefferson. It's not my typical style. So much can happen in a given week that paying for that player to put you over the top that given week or two versus sacrificing a possible multi year piece is not something I typically like to do. Saying all that it's a bit of a nuanced answer and there are instances I think it makes sense, but almost never when the picks traded to win now are early picks.

Hot Sauce Guy

As to the OP's question about pushing these picks into winning now. I only did this once and I consider it a disaster in large part because one of the picks I gave up I know with 100% certainty I'd have drafted Justin Jefferson
Yeah, that’s what has me leaning towards throwing as many darts as I can. Land one JJ, and you can keep him or parlay him into multiple players to win-now.

So it’s a bit of a false dichotomy. Sometimes using the pick can lead to acquiring more proven players. Just have to hit big on a couple.


Just one amateur opinion, but it seems to me like the RB class is pretty deep, but not 2020 deep with 7-8 top 75 picks. Bijan is a premier talent. Gibbs might not be far behind (pending size concerns). Evans and probably Corum also seem like good bets for top 75 picks, and guys like Tucker, Bigsby, Ibrahim, McClellan, Brown, Charbonnet, Achane (?) are day 2 candidates. Better RB class than the last 2 at this point in time. But I don't think it's as good 2-6 as 2020 was.

WRs I'm not crazy about now. I really like Johnston. Addison seems super solid. Boutte and JSN have looked awesome at times but have not helped themselves so far this year. They may get back to that level as prospects by the draft. Hyatt has gotten himself in the conversation. Then you have guys like Downs and Mims (productive little guys), and Jarrett (5 star who has flashed but not stayed healthy). John Metchie as a prospect might have been wr5 next year, and he was regularly going as the wr10-12 last season

I'm feeling less bullish about late 1sts as I was before the season, so I think contenders moving them at high value may be a good move. It is a deep class though, so I'd try to get some 2nds back in the deal.


Just off the top of my head

Harrison isn’t draft eligible, neither is Caleb Williams.

JSN has barely played all year, been hurt. He’s still got a good career in front of him but this does take some luster off his stock.

Boutte has had a rough year on a bad offense. Certainly raises questions.

Mims has been disappointing. Bigsby too.

Corum has been awesome but I bet he doesn’t test well.

Maybe it’s unfortunate combo of injuries and bad offenses but many of these marquee players have had quiet seasons.


I effed these picks a few weeks ago.

Already moved my second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth.

I got Davante Adams, Cordarrelle, James Robinson, OBJ, Jordan Hicks at LB, and others back in those deals, so I'm happy. I'm a contender for the first time since I took over the orphan, and I was stocked. Sue me. I keep hearing that this class isn't exceptionally deep, and other than the first five or so RBs, I don't see a need to take a questionable back-end of round one guy this year. I may burn that first if I can get an RB stud from a non-contender back.

That's my thoughts on it.

Hot Sauce Guy

JSN has had a down season, but depending on how things finish I could easily see him or Addison at 3 in non superflex.
Who are you marking in at 1.02?
SF it should go Stroud/Bijan/Young top 3 in some order, but I could see Gibbs slipping in there if he lands in the right spot.

Those are my top 4.

1-QB leagues it’s probably Bijan, Gibbs, then whichever of Addison, Boutte, JSN or Johnson 1. Finishes strongest 2. Lands in the best opportunity.

Still early though.


I still get owners giving me the stink eye about my 2017 "Four Horsemen" running back draft.
Tell me more
It's a 12 team auction/keeper where you get one rookie draft pick per year that you have for $0 for one season (this helps put all but 12 of the incoming rookies in the auction and ensures that the cream of the rookie crop is in the mix for the next seasons auction) - so essentially you have a stud that doesn't cost you anything against the cap for one season. Not the greatest rules, but I play the hand that I'm dealt.

I had aggressively accumulated as many early picks in that draft as I could and walked away with Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, Joe Mixon and Kareem Hunt (all on one year, $0 contracts). With that depth I was able to make a lot of subsequent deals to add a lot of other pieces. It was a glorious union of preparation meeting opportunity. I haven't missed the playoffs since (and won a couple of championships).

I couldn't pry 1.01 away or else I would have added McCaffrey to that list. I was never a Fournette guy, so I was glad someone else took him.

So the guys that would have had those picks seem to still be a little sore about it.

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