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Dynasty - Godwin, 1.06, 1.12 & 2023 1st for Lamb & 1.09 (1 Viewer)


12 TM PPR QB, 2-3 RB, 3-4 WR, 1-2 TE

(I originally offered  Godwin, 1.12 & my 2023 1st for Lamb)

He countered

Give: Godwin, 1.06, 1.12 & my 2023 1st

Get: Lamb, 1.09

Thinking of countering instead of 1.09 I get his 2023 1st. I've always been really high on Lamb with Dak. Am I going overboard? 

My Roster:

Herbert, Jones, Mills

Taylor, Jacobs, Montgomery, Dobbins Edwards

Samuel, DK, D. Johnson, Godwin, Jeudy, Kirk, Davis, Anderson MVS, Z. Jones

Andrews, Gesicki, Parham Long

1.06, 1.12, 2 x 2023 1st



I think that is a ton to give up and would definitely want another piece in return.  I would rather have the 2023 1st than the 1.09 but who should have the better 2023 pick between you two?  Swapping 2023 1st rounders wouldn't make sense if you are giving up the better one.  I would just take that part out of it.  

I guess overall I am not that enamored with this trade.  Obviously if Godwin wasn't going to miss possibly half the year I wouldn't be doing this trade at all.  


Keith R

The Don
I am a little more in favor of this trade than Gally.  Godwin will have one more year with Brady (and he's kind of lucky to even have that) and is coming off an injury.  Nothing is certain in the NFL but it looks like Lamb and Prescott will be together for the foreseeable future.

That said, I do think the current price is too expensive.  I would remove the 2023 1st rounder from the equation and see if he accepts that.

Please see mine - https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/803971-dynasty-trade/

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Thank you for your responses. 

@Gally I agree, it is a lot to give up. My hopes of a trade like this was that I upgrade my starting line up and get younger while doing that. I had shot multiple offers to get a Kupp or Adams (not younger, but better and I thought less expensive) and to get Chase, but none of them went through. 

@Keith R We had similar thoughts, Godwin's health and what could be without Brady give me less comfort, but as you pointed out all situations are ever changing. 

I ended up taking a slightly different counter from him.

I gave: Godwin, 1.06, 1.12 & 2023 1st 

I got: Lamb & 1.07


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