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dynasty, gollday for sutton? WHIR (1 Viewer)


just took over a team in a 2qb, 10 team ppr, start 2qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, 2 flex dynasty league

my roster:

wentz, rivers. minchew, stidham, foles, eason

aaron jones, k hunt, rojo, james white, hines, j williams

amari, golladay, diggs, t.y., reagor, larry, e sanders and a bunch more but not noteworthy

henry, ebron, doyle, trey burton, jimmy graham

I'm missing a 2021 1st but have all other picks for next 3 years

his roster:

cam, ben, tannehill, jordan love, taysom hill

jacobs, connor, d montgomery, david johnson, cople more rb's

sutton, m brown, ruggs, josh gordon, and a couple more bad wrs

tj hock, eifert

he has no draft picks he can trade me

was offered: tannehill and courtland sutton for golladay and minchew

the deal intrigues me, i see golladay as more of a sure thing than sutton for the next couple years w/stafford as QB. the guy wants golladay. he doesnt have much else on his roster but thought about asking him to throw in david montgomery. i think i would be better served combining two of my good WR's to try and get an elite one though 1-no obvious trade opp exists currently and 2-guys like TY and diggs value is down and ill need to wait until they perform early in season to get proper value for them.

so if he is willing to do sutton, monty, tanny for my minchew and golladay do it?

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I own both WR's in my Dynasty and no way am I trading Golliday for Sutton (The QB swap for your team is basically meaningless)

IF he'll throw in Montgomery without asking for anything else on your side? Maybe. I'm not sold on Montgo, but if you like him it could make the deal a bit better. Even then I would just consider it kind of even if that (Really to me you're only gaining depth by losing in your starting line up... yea the more I think about it the more I think it's a pass)

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My initial reaction was that with Montgomery it's probably an okay deal for you, though you would want a different QB in return as Rivers, Minshew and Tannehill all share a bye week, so you still only have 1 QB available week 7, but the more I look at it the more I think it is a little light for you. Even with Montgomery in there, I'm torn on if the likely drop from Golladay to Sutton is made up by the added depth of Montgomery to your RB corps (he doesn't strike me as an immediate weekly start for you over Hunt, RoJo, White, just another option similar to those guys) and you would need the deal to include Cam or Ben instead to address the week 7 bye.

Even then I am not sure it makes it worth it - you would need to expect an uptick from Sutton this year (depends on if you think Jeudy steals targets or helps Sutton by being a viable threat drawing coverage) and then gauge value of a like for like QB swap that fixes a bye week issue.

I think I pass on the deal at the moment.

No way on Golladay and Minshew for Sutton and Tannehill.  Sutton's upside was severly capped with DEN adding Jeudy and Hamler.

Adding Montgomery is OK, but I am not sold that Montgomery will turn into a legit RB2.  

Stay put.

No way on Golladay and Minshew for Sutton and Tannehill.  Sutton's upside was severly capped with DEN adding Jeudy and Hamler.

Adding Montgomery is OK, but I am not sold that Montgomery will turn into a legit RB2.  

Stay put.
I completely agree here.  Prefer Golladay and Minshew over Tannehill and Sutton.  As a Bears fan I am also not sure Montgomery is the answer at RB so even if he is added that brings it closer for me but doesn't move the needle enough for me to pull the trigger.

See mine please https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787218-dynasty-rookie-picks-105-and-107-what-to-do/

I think this is a big loss for you.  There is no way I would trade Golladay for Sutton for essentially straight up (QB's are a wash).  In addition I don't think adding Montgomery brings it much closer.  Stick with Golladay.  He is a stud with little competition. 

You only do the deal with Montgomery included if you truly believe Montgomery will be a legit RB2 for you.  I don't believe that, so all you would be doing is adding some bench depth while making your starting lineup worse by going from Golladay to Sutton.    You don't want to be doing these deals.  You give up a good player like Golladay to get a couple of starters that can help you where it improves your team in total.

Even with Montgomery in the deal, it's an easy pass.

thanks everyone, well thought out feedback, i appreciate it! i was leaning no and the resounding no from the group helped re-affirm


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