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Dynasty IDP League - Need 1 Owner - Draft Wed (1 Viewer)


Dynasty IDP League, sixth season, looking for replacement owner for Saints team. League is viewable to see teams, trophies, previous years, etc. http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=452681&seasonId=2013

1. Location:

2. Also good info in the Topic Description - big rules that are in your league. PPR? 2QBs? IDP? Keeper? Dynasty?
Dynasty, IDP, 1 QB - 1 OP (2QB potentially), PPR...Basically all players factor into an full starting roster, plus additional OP and DP. High scoring format. IDPs are important and have good scoring value compared to offensive players, QBs are premium.

3. In the body, provide info on:
a. Pricing - $0
b. Rosters - 36 - 24 starters, 12 bench, 3 IR
c. Draft format - 6 round, rookie/free agent, snake
d. Rules - posted in league message, many standard rules applied by league vote, draft order set by regular season standings - then playoff exit - ties broken by points, trades voted by trade mods, etc.
e. Time and place (if live) - n/a
f. Waiver rules - waivers reset each week on standings, no limits
g. Site costs / host - ESPN
h. Prizes / payout - n/a
i. Playoff structure - 3 weeks, top 4 each conference, during NFL weeks 14-16
j. Anything else important

4. If at all possible, include a link to the league from last year -


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