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Dynasty IDP trade help (1 Viewer)


This is a 12-team dynasty league and the position requirements are:QB RB/1 WR/3 Flex/1(usually an RB) TEDTx2, DBx2 LBx2 FLEXx2(either 2/4, 3/3 or 4/2 DB/LB respectively) Obviously you try to go 4LB/2DBScoring is pretty typical. For IDP 1.25/tck .5/assist 4/sack 5/int 1/pdI was offered:Edge + one of the following(Adalius Thomas,EJ Henderson or Nick Greisen)forRandy Moss + DJ WilliamsI would say that Edge is more valuable than Moss so I have to give him something in return. However most people don't realize that Williams is likely to move to the SSB which will kill his value. That being said he is young and could be a future stud if he is in the right spot. The three LB's he is offering are virtually worthless so I think I would have to go back and get either another WR to replace moss or better LB.He also has D.Davis, W.McGahee and S.Jackson as RBs and would probably be willing to replace any of them with JamesMy roster of RB/WR and LBs is as follows:Portis, Tiki Barber, Rhodes, M.Moore, Cobbs, J.Wells, buckhalter, chatmanR.Moss, C.Johnson, L.Evans,J.McCareins, R.Curry, Devery HendersonN.Barnett, J.Foreman, C.June, DJ Williams, D.Thornton, N.Diggs, P.Tinoi, D.PopeAny thoughts are greatly appreciated.Will

1st off: Adalius Thomas,EJ Henderson and Nick Greisen are just about worthless (not in my top 50 LBs). Why waste a roster/cap space on any of those guys. I would rather use that space for an unknown that pops at the beginning of the year and pick him up.2nd: Do you have a rookie draft pick? If it is a top 4, the equation changes.Anyway, I look at this as a Moss and DJ for Edge. On the surface this looks to be a no brainer. Get Edge. However, when you break down the numbers for your team, I think it becomes less clear cut.By losing Moss, you will loss at least 8 ppg. DJ maybe 2 ppg.Adding Edge and sitting Tiki or Portis, you would gain maybe 6 ppg.In the end, I don’t think this trade makes your team score more ppg. Also, if you have a top rookie pick and get 1 of the big 3, you will have a long term replacement for Tiki and a bye week/injury sub.End note, I don’t think trading away any LB strength is in your best interest. This corp is pretty bad. Foreman (shadow of his former self) and June may lose his job. I would look to add here-

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You need RB depth so James would be a great addition. RB is probably the most important position in FFL.I would make a counter offer. You definitely need LBs.Does he have any other good LBs? I would make the trade if he will give you a high draft pick instead of one of those crappy LBs. Since defensive players go later in drafts, you can probably snag a good rookie LB w/ the draft pick.

Actually, I would push to make the trade and get back McGahee ... and include Henderson in the mix ... he has long term value despite Cowart ...

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McGahee and Henderson for Moss and DJ. I'd so it in a heart beat. :thumbup:


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