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Hey all, i'm in a first year dynasty league, so we're drafting vets soon. I'm new to IDP. I know the basic strategy, and i appreciate the rankings by democracy. Seems this forum is a better help than any on the 'net. Alotta you seem to be adept at making rankings... But I was wondering if anyone wanted to post their individual ones. The more extravagent the list the better (any changes in schemes i should watch out for?). I obv only need info on DL, LB and DBs.

Hopefully it's a combo vet/rookie draft at first. If not, you want late pick in regular and early in rookie.This is the best place I found for IDP. You might want to check out the IDP reading at the main site, free now that it's off-season.It's still too soon for scheme changes, most likely.The biggest things to get used to are:1. If you "get" IDP before your opponents, you've got a leg up.2. Most people don't "get it" yet, so advantages are out there.3. Know your rules & requirements.


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