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Dynasty - is it time to trade Fournette? (1 Viewer)


I have Fournette on one of my best dynasty teams, but I could use WR help. I’m tired of having to deal with his injuryproneness. So I’m talking to one of the teams that’s out of contention and looking to the future. The guy is smart and knows Fournette’s value is down, so the most he’ll give is Golladay straight up. At first I thought no way, but I’m starting to feel like maybe it’s not so out of the question. Golladay looks pretty legit to me.  

So I'm really curious what folks think. 1 ppr.


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If you are in contention for this year then you could make the deal, however you are really selling for pennies on the dollar. If you are not in contention run away from the deal.



I really like Golladay and think he is legit but I don't think that is enough for Fournette.  I understand that sometimes just getting rid of a headache player has added value and Fournette seems to be closing in on that status but the offer is still a light. 

Any chance to get something else throw in to sweeten it a bit?  If the guy is dead set and won't budge than I would let it dangle for awhile and revisit as it gets closer to the time Fournette is coming back.  You may have to wait until he has a good game to go back to the deal. 


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