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Dynasty: Is Tyler Lockett Worth a 1st? (1 Viewer)


This is a Dynasty question. It's a 32 team salary cap full IDP dynasty league. Offense is very hard to come by in a 32 team dynasty. Is Tyler Lockett ($3/2y) worth my 2019 1st rd rookie pick (my only pick in this coming draft)? The last couple of years I have been picking in the late 20's and I'm excepted to pick in that range again this year. Usually offense if first off the board, so offense is slim pickings, at least someone who is going to come in and produce right away when my pick rolls around. We can extend players after each year, so I would have Lockett for the next 3-5 years. He is currently averaging 15PPG. My only reservations are I already have decent WR, but my thoughts are I can never have enough offense especially in a 32 team league. What are you thoughts? Below is a link to my roster. Any advise would be appreciated! 


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His TD numbers this year are not sustainable with Baldwin playing now and with the team in run first mode, however given your parameters and bench I would add him.


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