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Dynasty/Keeper Hybrid - Leaguesafe - $300 (1 Viewer)


We have one very good orphaned team available in our Dynasty/Keeper league. This is not a trash team. The owner had to leave due to his financial situation.The league is a player tenure league, which means a player's cost increases the longer he is on your team. Instead of being allowed to protect a fixed number of players, each team can protect a fixed number of years of service. For example, if you are allowed to protect 10 years of service, you could protect 10 different players that were newly drafted in the current season, five players that had been newly drafted the previous year, one player that you loved and held for 10 years, or any combination, such as a player that had been held for five years, another player that had been held for three years, and two players that were newly drafted in the current season. I feel that this type of league has the best balance between a Dynasty league and a Keeper league. 

We are looking for a coach who is dedicated, trustworthy and knows their fantasy football. If you are interested in this league, please contact me via email and tell me a little about yourself. Keep in mind, at $300, this is a semi-high stakes game, so please be prepared to pay $300 in dues every year. On the flip side, this is a 100% payout league.

Also, feel free to contact me with any questions. I am located in Los Angeles.


Here is the available team. Each player is followed by a number. This is the player cost to keep, their tenure years. You have 15 years to spend. Next year, this number increases to 20.

AJ Green (3)
Keenan Allen (3)
Doug Martin (3)
Ezekiel Elliot (2)
Jamison Crowder (2)
Jay Ajayi (2)
Jimmy Garoppolo (1)
Mohamed Sanu (1)
Jack Doyle (1)
Robert Woods (1)
James White (1)
Marquise Lee (1)
Tion Green (1)
Paul Richardson (1)
Matt Breida (1)
Chris Thompson (1)

League Rules

The league will is run through Yahoo Fantasy so there is no league fee. All dues will be paid through LeagueSafe for ultimate security. Dues are payable in full upon joining the league. The draft will be live Saturday, September 1st at 11am PST.

Draft order is linear and decided by a combination of lottery (bottom 6 teams) and finish (top 6 teams).


12 Teams


2 Divisions

20 Man Roster

2 IR

Division winners get BYE


1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1TE, 1K, 1D, 2 FLEX RB/WR/TE ( Starters )


1st - $1600

2nd - $700

3rd - $300

Weekly High Score - $50

Dynasty Rollover - $200 put into a rollover pot every year and paid out to any dynasty team that wins two Championships in a row.


Passing Yards 25 yards per point; 2 points at 300 yards; 2 points at 400 yards; 2 points at 500 yards

Passing Touchdowns 6

40+ Yard Completions 1

40+ Yard Passing Touchdowns 2

2-Point Conversions 2

Interceptions -1

Sacks -1

Pick Sixes Thrown -3


Rushing Yards 10 yards per point; 2 points at 100 yards; 2 points at 200 yards; 2 points at 300 yards

Rushing Touchdowns 6

40+ Yard Run 1

40+ Yard Rushing Touchdowns 2

2-Point Conversions 2

Fumbles Lost -2


Receptions 1

Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 2 points at 100 yards; 2 points at 200 yards; 2 points at 300 yards

Reception Touchdowns 6

40+ Yard Receptions 1

40+ Yard Reception Touchdowns 2

2-Point Conversions 2

Fumbles Lost -2


Return Yards 10 yards per point

Return Touchdowns 6

Field Goals

0-19 Yards 3

Field Goals 20-29 Yards 3

Field Goals 30-39 Yards 3

Field Goals 40-49 Yards 4

Field Goals 50+ Yards 5

Point After Attempt Made 1


Sack 1

Interception 2

Fumble Recovery 2

Touchdown 6

Safety 2

Block Kick 2

Kickoff and Punt Return

Touchdowns 6

Points Allowed 0 points 10

Points Allowed 1-6 points 7

Points Allowed 7-13 points 4

Points Allowed 14-20 points 1

Points Allowed 21-27 points 0

Points Allowed 28-34 points -1

Points Allowed 35+ points -4

4th Down Stops 1

Tackles for Loss 1

Three and Outs Forced 1


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