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Dynasty/Keeper-ish question on breakout players that come cheap (1 Viewer)


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I wanted to start this topic because i Know there are leagues out there that allow you to keep players, but only players that were drafted in the latter rounds of drafts.

Both of the leagues I play in allow you to keep your 12th round picks for 4 seasons... at the cost of your last round draft pick.

So draft strategy changes in those rounds.

Here are some players with bigger ADP's that I am considering targeting with that pick and I'm open for dialogue about other breakout players, or if you don't like my ideas:

1) Michael Crabtree - has very little value this season... but assuming a full recovery, it seems to me like he'd be a great player for the next 2-3 seasons.

2) Percy Harvin - won't be drafted high in re-drafts... but as a player to keep moving forward... I like him.

3) DeAndre Hopkins - seems like the type of WR that will eventually take over for Andre Johnson and put up good numbers

4) Ben Tate - Is Arian Foster breaking down? Is this guy either going to take over that role with the great running team.. or get moved in free agency next season to a feature role?

5) Cordarrelle Patterson - the new #1 WR in Minnesota moving forward?

6) Jeremy Maclin - won't play this season... but will he rebound to be a good choice for the next 3 seasons?


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