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Dynasty/Keeper/Salary Cap/Money($50)/LEAGUESAFE (1 Viewer)


The Playball Fantasy Football League, on MFL, is looking for 4 owners.

(league Addy at the bottom of this post)

I have been in fantasy sports for over 30 years, starting with fantasy baseball
and adding football a few years later. Afer the 1st major league baseball strike I
concentrated solely on football, no longer wanting anything to do with baseball!
No, I did not have to do stats by hand, but, at that time, commissioners did have
to d/l the stats from USA Today or Stats, inc., buy their own software to crunch
the numbers and update the teams and create their own website to upload it to.

Ocer 30 years a commish runs into a lot of situations that require a rule, so yes,
PLAYBALL has a lot of rules and they are enforced fairly for every team, no exceptions.

During the 2022 season I had 4 owners that evidently thought the rules did not apply to
them, failing to set a legal line-up at least 4 times, garnering their teams a zero for
the week and a free win for their opponent. Now, a league will not survive with that
level of poor team management, so they are GONE!! One of them had won 2 league titles
ove the last 5 years and I hated to see him go, but after he waited until the very last
minute to even check to see whether he still had a team and then manage his team that
poorly, I felt I had no choice. :-(

The teams;

OPEN TEAM 1-EAST DIV.-is pretty much an open slate; has only 1 possible carry that would
take their #1 draft pick and at a salary most would not accept.

more players at acceptable draft round picks and salaries. Of course, their new owners will
have total control of who they wish to carry into the 2023 season.

I am looking for good owners, ie, those that will manage their teams properly to remain
competitive in the league in order to give them a chance to make the playoffs and hope-
fully advance deep into same. If you have to many pots in the fire, are trying to manage
numerous teams and don't have the time to keep up with free agents, etc., PLAYBALL is not
going to be the league for you.

The league is termed a Dynasty Hybrid due to the fact that every owners
1st 3 draft picks go back into the following years draft. This assures that
there are at least studs available, along with all the promising rookies
and other players not carried by their owners.

The league fee is $50, collected, and prizes paid out, through
Leaguesafe. All Fees, minus the MFL site fee, goes into the
prize pool. No additional charges for fa, etc. and no cut for the
commish(unless he wins, of course, which he didn't do last year :-(,
or any of the years since 2002 when the league moved to MFL. Although
I often make the play-offs and have finished 2nd or 3rd several times. One
thing I never do, no matter how my team is doing, is throw in the towel.
That is the kind of owners I am looking for.

The site fee is already paid for the 2023 season and Leaguesafe
is already set-up.

Rosters are 25 players, at any position, as long an owner has a valid,
legal starting line-up at the end of the draft.

Starting line-up is: 1qb, 2 rb, 2wr, 1te, 1pk and 1 def/st.(Now you're probably
thinking "old man league," but this old man started his league with a 25 player draft
and roster and as ppr.

12 teams playing head to head games, 3 divisions, 3 division winners and 3
wildcards make the play-offs. 14 week regular season with each team playing
it's division foes twice and all other teams in the league once.

Play-offs last 3 weeks and we don't use week 18 of the NFL schedule.

1 point for each 20 rushing/receiving yards, 1 point for each 50 passing

All td scoring is based on length of score, same for field goals.


Regular season champion-$50

High game score for regular season-$25

Play-off prizes;

1st place--60% of remaining prize pool

2nd place-25% of remaining prize pool

3rd place-10% of remaining prize pool

4th place---5% of remaining prize pool

Our big winner last year, Jazz, took the title and the regular season

high game score and won $311.03.

All rosters shown on the site already have their players bumped up 3 rounds for this years

draft and their salaries increased by 20% for the 2023 draft. Owners may choose to

carry any/all/or none of the players on their current roster.

Our player cut-down date will be set after the NFL announces their regular seasons
schedule. As the NFL has already announced the seasons opening day as Thursday,
Sept. 7th, our live draft will be held, on MFL, the week-end of Sept. 2nd-the 4th,
the day depending on owners schedules and or conflicts, but will, as always, be
the last week-end before the opening seasons 1st game.














For further info and questions please email me at:


The league is set to "public", so potential owners can view all the teams

and their rosters, rules and scoring, etc. The addy is:


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