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[DYNASTY] LB #12 (1 Viewer)

LB #12

  • Demorrio Williams

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  • Zach Thomas

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  • London Fletcher

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  • Shawne Merriman

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  • Kirk Morrison

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  • Lance Briggs

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  • Derrick Johnson

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  • Other

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  • Total voters


Please comment on your vote, and list any player that should be nominated for the next round. If you must assume a scoring system, go with 0.5 points per half-tackle, 3 points per sack / INT / FF / FR.I'm not going to link every poll - this forum is small enough that you can search for the previous results.1. Jonathan Vilma2t. Mike Peterson2t. Keith Bullock4. Brian Urlacher5. Nick Barnett6. Odell Thurman7t. Lofa Tatupu7t. Antonio Pierce9. Ray Lewis10. Andra Davis11. Donnie EdwardsWho's #12?(notes: Gary Brackett and Cato June added soon)Final results:Demorrio Williams [ 5 ] [14.29%] Zach Thomas [ 6 ] [17.14%] London Fletcher [ 13 ] [37.14%] Shawne Merriman [ 3 ] [8.57%] Kirk Morrison [ 1 ] [2.86%] Lance Briggs [ 4 ] [11.43%] Derrick Johnson [ 3 ] [8.57%] Other [ 0 ] [0.00%] Fletcher wins easily.

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Which guys should be added soon?Marcus Washington?Dan Morgan?Jeremiah Trotter?Keith Brooking?Edge Hartwell?Takeo Spikes - never mind, don't answer that, he's on the next poll.Karlos Dansby?Lemar Marshall?Morlon Greenwood?Al Wilson?

London Fletcher over Zach Thomas. Younger and simply does more on the field. Tackles are similar but sacks are the kicker in Fletcher's favor.

I love Derrick Johnson's potential for the Chiefs, the man is going to be a terror. I just don't see him producing enough tackles to take him over Zach or London here. I voted for Zach Thomas.

Which guys should be added soon?

Marcus Washington?

Dan Morgan?

Jeremiah Trotter?

Keith Brooking?

Edge Hartwell?

Takeo Spikes - never mind, don't answer that, he's on the next poll.

Karlos Dansby?

Lemar Marshall?

Morlon Greenwood?

Al Wilson?
Bold = include.

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