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Dynasty League 12 team PPR startup draft (1 Viewer)

Gridiron King

Hey Guys...

New Dynasty League starting up on MFL... I am a veteran fantasy commissioner with 10 years of experience. Looking for serious Dynasty league owners.

Here are the general league guidelines:

12 Team Dynasty PPR League

26 man rosters

10 man starting lineups with 2 offensive flex

1 IR spot

NO salaries and contracts

PPR scoring

We will be drafting this season to start our dynasty rosters

Draft will be this weekend once league fills

$62 League fee Payments made through PayPal for first year website and graphics then $57 for future year fees

Private message for info

Link: http://football5.myf...2012/home/43389

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Would be interested if spot still open. Been in dynasty for years. Neever done a startup and that is what i am looking for



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