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Dynasty League - 2 Openings (1 Viewer)


Dynasty League in it's 10th year is looking for 2 new owners. The prior owners have gone missing & have not responded to any e-mails. This league has 23 roster positions, 14 overall teams with 7 teams in each division & 6 teams make the playoffs (top 3 teams from each division). We hold a 3 round rookie/FA draft in the beginning of August (8/3). League is run on MFL.com & fees are split by 14 owners (approx $5 to $7 apiece). Both teams have some very good players to build a very good dynasty team.

Link to the League:


Open Team #2

Peyton Manning

Frank Gore

Chris Ivory

Ronnie Hillman

AJ Green

Larry Fitzgerald


Open Team #3

Sam Bradford

Matt Forte

Chris Johnson

Trent Richardson

Jared Cook

Shane Vereen

Greg Little

Any interest, please contact me: punishers69@yahoo.com


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