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Dynasty League (curiosity) (1 Viewer)


I was going to put this in the "looking for leagues" section but I'm technically not looking for a league at this exact point and everything in that section is offerings and stuff like that. I'm just looking for information. I've been doing IDP leagues since I started FF and it's been quite some time, are there any websites that have PPR Dynasty leagues with IDP that you have salaries and contracts? Basically a very realistic, in-depth fantasy team.

I can be just being extremely picky right now but I have only been doing redrafts and all my friends are pretty casual about it except for me.. I get really into it and I am def the most competitive, the fact that you can trade picks and stuff just intrigues me and Id be pretty excited to get involved in a dynasty league so... help me out.

I read this twice and I am not sure what you are looking for. Are you looking for a website to host a dynasty league that includes salaries and contracts?


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