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DYNASTY League Input (1 Viewer)


12 team Dynasty league. All TD = 6 and PPR. 26 man roster. Starting lineup. QB/2RB/2WR/TE/2 Flex/K/3IDP.

Team 13 dropped out. All players have been thrown into FA pool for FAAB bidding (1000). Bidding starts On 8/28

Trying to get input on amount of FAAB for players values by position.

QB - Goff/Carr

RB - T. Coleman / R. Freeman / N. Himes

WR - Cupp  / T. Lockett  / G. Allison

Is using say 40% of my 1000 FAAB  for Coleman  20% for Freeman and 20-25% for Cupp and Lockett prudent?

I am more interested in the RBs but will put bids in for above mentioned players, likely leaving less than 200 FAAB left for the whole season.

Any thoughts or advice on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance for anyone that takes the time to respond.

Apologies. I thought the situation with a team dropping out of a Dynasty league was a strategic one on how handle a dozen or so new player pool additions with all 12 teams bidding for said players.

I'll post on the AC forum. 


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