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Dynasty League w/ no Trading of Picks? (1 Viewer)


So I joined a dynasty start up league this year for the first time. I found the league in a posting on the "Find a League" forum of footballguys. The guy who started the league put together a very thorough list of league rules. Absent from the rules was a frame work around trading draft picks or players for picks, both in the start up draft and subsiquent rookie drafts. I brought it up on the league message board and he is unwilling to allow trades involving draft picks as it creates "too much work". I even offered to track the trades myself.

Being a dynasty league rookie I don't know if this is a big deal or not. It would seem to me the trading of picks and picks for players is a key aspect of dynasty leagues. This is how cellar dwellers rebuild and competitive teams position themselves for championship runs. Should I just bow out of the league and find a new one? Is there a good/free draft or league site out there that I could recommend that would take the "work" out of it? Right now we are on NFL.com, but we are having a slow draft on some website called the Couch, I think.

Sorry for the long post Thanks in advance for the advice.

I'd bow out and not think anything of it. No trading in any dynasty/keeper league is ridiculous.

Every (legitimate) fantasy football host does the trades for you (and zero work).

Everyone would assume trading allowed. (if not posted in league rules) Commish should have listed NO TRADING amongst the top things when advertising the league as to no waste people's time.

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Have to agree with craig here. Just finished a Dynasty draft that had 70someodd trades during the 3 week slow draft. Players, picks, future picks etc...

Dynasty IS trading.

Just started a 16 team PPR dynasty, we have 1 slot still remaining and even before being completely full there has been a blockbuster trade and TONS of offers flying around. ONE SPOT left if you are interested that is drafting from the 1.03 hole! See here: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=682757


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