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Dynasty-Looking for committed owner (1 Viewer)


I'm looking for a good owner to adopt a promising dynasty team. The owner is leaving after this year for personal reasons. His loss could be your gain. The league has been around for about 6 years, and has a good group of guys, a lot of them are FBG's regulars. This team doesn't have a 1st round pick but does have it's 2nd and 3rd. PM if interested. We draft in early May and league fees are due at that time, $57.00/w 7.00 going toward MFL costs



Brady, Tom

Clemens, Kellen

Culpepper, Daunte

Edwards, Trent

Fitzpatrick, Ryan

Rosenfels, Sage


Arrington, J.J.

Grant, Ryan

Green-Ellis, BenJarvus

Jackson, Steven STL RB

Rhodes, Dominic

Watson, Kenny

Wright, Jason


Jackson, Vincent

Johnson, Andre

Jones, James

Royal, Eddie

Stallworth, Donte'

Welker, Wes


Carlson, John

Davis, Vernon

KCrosby, Mason


Ravens, Baltimore

Texans, Houston

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TheWick said:
I couldn't get to the league page...what is the scoring system?
Franchises12 Owners-Starting Team1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Defense/Special teams-Scoring*Offense-1 pt per 20 yards passing, 1 pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving, wide receivers/tight ends receive 1 pt per reception and runningbacks receive .5 pts per reception, 6 pts per passing/rushing/receiving td, 3 pts per fg under 40 yards, 4 pts per fg 40-49 yards, 5 pts per fg over 49 yards, 1 pt per extra point*Defense/Special teams- 6 pts per td, 2 pts per interception/fumble recovery, 1 pt per sack, 2 pts per safety, 6 pts per returned td (punt/kick return or interception/fumble recover), points allowed (this includes the total points scored by the opposing team, not just points allowed by the defense): 10 points per shutout, 7 pts for 2-6 points allowed4 points for 7-13 points allowed, 1 point for 14-17 points allowed-Roster Size and Roster LimitsThere will be twenty-four roster spots. No owner can have more than three defenses on their roster.-Future Rookie DraftsIn the future, the order of the rookie draft will be determined by a worst to first order. The team with the worst record will have the first pick, the team with the second worst record will have the second pick, and so on; this will be how the first six picks are determined. The last six won’t be based on record, but how those teams fared in the play-offs. For example, the league champion will have the last pick of the draft, the team that placed second will have the eleventh pick, and so on. Records will break ties for teams that finished in the same position during the play-offs, with the team that finished with the worse record drafting higher. This draft will not be serpentine; the second round will go back to the same order as the first round. There will be three rounds of drafting, but teams are not required to make a pick. The rookie draft will take place about three weeks after the NFL draft.-FeesThe league will cost $57 per year ($50 towards winnings pot, $7 towards web-site to run league). There will be no fees for transactions. All fees will be due prior to the rookie draft each year-WaiversWaivers will be processed on Wednesday evenings during the season. The waivers order will be determined on a worst to first basis. Each week, after one round of waivers is completed, waivers will turn to first come until the start of the next week's game. Waivers will remain open throughout the year on a 1st come basis, other than during the rookie draft at which time they are closed. After the draft is complete, we will have one round of waivers based on the prior year's won-loss records (worst to first) This will happen two days from the draft's completion. Immediately following waivers, teams will be able to pick up players on a first come basis. -TradesTrades are permitted until the time rosters are locked during Week 12. They are allowed again immediately following the end of the NFL’s regular season. Trades can include players and/or draft picks (for the following year’s rookie draft, but not any further ahead). Trades will be allowed unless there is evidence of collusion or the trade is so unbalanced it challenges the integrity of the league. If the commissioner feels that a trade falls into one of these two categories, it will be vetoed. Once the season is complete (after the league championship game) draft picks can be traded one year out. For example, after the 2007 league champion is determined, you can trade draft picks for the NFL drafts that would take place in April 2008 and April 2009.-Roster deadlinesAll starters must be submitted by 11:59 AM CST each Sunday. When there are games on Thursdays or Saturdays, the starters in those games must be submitted one minute prior to the start of the first game on those days, because at game time players from those games will be locked. So for example, if there is three games spread out over the day on Saturday, with the first one starting at 11:30 AM CST, all fantasy players from Saturday’s games will be locked after 11:29 AM CST. Sunday and Monday’s players can still be adjusted until 11:59 AM CST on Sunday. -Regular SeasonThere will be a thirteen-week regular season schedule, followed by three weeks of play-offs. The winners of the two divisions will be seeded number one and number two and receive byes during the first week of the play-offs; higher seeds will be determined by best record; if there is a tie, overall points will break the tie. There will be four wild card teams that make the play-offs. These teams will be chosen from the remaining ten non-division winners by best record, with overall points breaking ties. (If there were ever a tie after overall points are reviewed, the tiebreaker would then be determined by points scored against you during the regular season. The team with the higher number of points scored against them would then move on). -Play-offsDuring the first round (Week 14) the number one seed and number two seed will have byes. The number three seed will play the number six seed and the number four seed will play the number five seed. The winners in this round will go on to play the division winners in Week 15. The number one seed gets to play the lowest remaining seed. The winners of these two games will play during Week 16 for the championship. If there were ever ties during the play-off rounds, the higher seed would win the match-up. -WinningsAfter the fee is paid for myfantasyleague.com to host our league, there will be a $600 pot to split up among winners. The team that has the most points during the regular season will win $50. The six teams that make the play-offs will also win $50 a piece. The two teams that win during the second week of the play-offs and advance to the Super Bowl will win an additional $50. The team that wins the Super Bowl during Week 16 will win an additional $150. That breaks down to the following payouts: 1st Place-250, 2nd Place-100, 4 remaining play-off teams-$50 a piece, and an additional $50 to the team that scores the most points during the regular season. This adds up to a total of $600.*Make the playoffs = $50 (6 x 50 = 300)*Division Champ Game - $50(2 x 50 = 100)*Super Bowl Champs - $150 (1 x 150 = 150)*Points Champ = $50 (1 x 50 = 50)*300 + 100 + 150 + 50 = 600 -GovernanceRule changes are determined by a majority vote by all of the owners. Anytime there is an owner that has a concern on an issue, he can email the commissioner and ask that the issue be put to a league vote. The majority will rule and the commissioner will break any ties.
OK, I think I've finally got it right. You can get to the homepage now, see link at top of thread. Good league for anyone looking for a really fun, moderately priced dynasty league. We have a good group. PM if interested.


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