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Dynasty: Mariota Assessment (1 Viewer)


32 team dynasty league with salary cap and years. At the bottom of my post is a link to my team (Panthers)

What are are your thoughts about Mariota as a dynasty qb? Everything I’ve seen says he’s a top 10 dynasty QB, but my eyes are telling me he’s not. Is he a top 10 QB? I have owners who have Cousins and Garoppolo who are willing to potentially swap qbs. Should I explore cousins/garoppolo or hold onto Mariota? Garoppolo ($1/1yr) is cheap while cousins ($7.5/3yr) is more expensive.  Mariota is $3/2yr. You can also extend players.




If you could really swap him out for Cousins or Jimmy G I'd do it. I can't believe that anyone would actually trade for Mariota right now though.



Person who has Garoppolo wants an arm and a leg. Person with Cousins wants Mariota + my 2019 1st rd rookie pick, which has been in the late 20’s the last couple of years. Should I pull the trigger for Cousins or just hold tight with Mariota and hope he gets better? Appreciate everyone’s input!


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