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Dynasty offer. On the fence (1 Viewer)


Team A offers Antonio Brown, Alfred Morris, likely late 2nd.

Team B gives. Joe Mixon, Kerryon Johnson, likely late 1st

Standard PPR scoring.

I am team B.  My RB: Saquon, Breida, Chris Carson, Alex Collins, Marlon Mack, Mixon, Johnson

My WR: Michael Thomas, Sammy Watkins, Robby Anderson, Sterling Shepard, DJ Moore, Donte Moncreif

Paper wise, seems fair though I give up a lot of youth at RB,  I'm not sure that this is worth a 30 yr old WR in dyansty though.



I'd pass. 2 young Rbs for an older (but great) Wr and an older Rd, plus downgrading your 1st for a 2nd.



For dynasty purposes there is no way I would give up that much.   It would be closer if the picks were the opposite but giving up two potential top RB's just coming into their own is too much. 

You do need some help at WR but I think you could find a solid player for much less and keep your RB foundation. 


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