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Dynasty Openings (Dispersal Drafts) (1 Viewer)


This unique league operates as two separate 12-team player pool (24-team league).
Each team is named after a movie hence the league name American Warriors Dynasty.

It is an optional 2-QB start league but not your traditional super flex. Reduced QB

scoring and above normal starters (11 and NO IDP) kind of makes this like a

“1 ½ QB start.” Basically, QB position is between importance of a single QB and true super flex.

We are having a dispersal draft in each conference. This league allows any returning team to enter into the dispersal provided that at least 3 teams participate.
Honor and Pride Conf. (4 teams) – open team (no roster/name only) is 1917.
Courage and Respect Conf. (4 teams) – open team (no roster/name only) is Schindler’s List.

An owner can own two teams if they are in difference conferences. League Safe cost is $100 per team annually.

Email me at NFLMAN69@gmail.com--- I will provide a spreadsheet of each conference will available 2023 picks and players.

Website: https://www49.myfantasyleague.com/2023/home/16629#0

~ Daniel


A) HONOR & PRIDE --- full --> 4-team dispersal getting underway this Sat.
B) COURAGE and RESPECT --- 4 team dispersal with 2 open teams

Here are SOME of the hightlighted players AVAILABLE in the COURAGE and RESPECT:

QB Josh Allen & Lamar Jackson

RB Kenneth Walker, Javonte Williams, Najee Harris, Ekeler, Chubb, Pacheco

WR Justin Jefferson, Garrett Wilson Waddle, Ridley, Pitman, Metcalf, Hollywood Brown

For complete list please email DANIEL at ---> NFLMAN69@gmail.com with subject title Dispersal Draft

Thank You !

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