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[DYNASTY] Overall Player Rankings (1 Viewer)

Who is the #10 player to own in a dynasty league?

  • RB Rudi Johnson, CIN

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  • QB Peyton Manning, IND

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  • RB Edgerrin James, ARI

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  • RB Willis McGahee, BUF

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  • WR Larry Fitzgerald, ARI

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  • WR Steve Smith, CAR

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  • WR Chad Johnson, CIN

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  • RB Tiki Barber, NYG

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  • Other

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As a continuation of the work OZ (and Tick) did in his positional dynasty polls, I am going to run a series of polls on overall player rankings in a dynasty league. This will allow us to see both how people's values of the players have changed in the last couple of months and how people value the players relative to each other across positions. I am going to attempt to get as many of these done before the NFL Draft as possible because player values will fluctuate wildly at that point, and I may just let OZ take over with a new series of position polls at that point. (I am also doing this before the Draft because some of us have fantasy drafts starting that day.) In order to make this most applicable to everyone, let's assume a standard lineup and scoring rules.

Standard fbg scoring rules:

1 pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving

6 pts per rushing/receiving TD

1 pt per 20 yards passing

4 pts per passing TD

-1 per INT

3 pts per FG

1 pt per XP


1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE

1 RB/WR/TE flex

1 K

1 D

I started this poll by including the top ten players in the staff rankings plus the consensus top rookie. I don't expect these polls to mirror the staff rankings, and there should be some interesting discussion as a result, but I will add the next players to the poll from the staff rankings if necessary. I would prefer to add players only after they have gotten a couple of other votes in the previous poll. Some of these players probably won't get any votes for now, but I'm not going to temporarily remove them as OZ did because I don't think the clutter among the poll choices will be an issue for now. Anyway, on to the rankings.

1. RB LaDainian Tomlinson, SD

2. RB Larry Johnson, KC

3. RB Shaun Alexander, SEA

4. RB Clinton Portis, WAS

5. RB Steven Jackson, STL

6. (Tie) RB Cadillac Williams, TB

(Runoff) RB Ronnie Brown, MIA

8. (Tie) RB Lamont Jordan, OAK

(Runoff) RB Reggie Bush, NCAA

Who is the #10 player to have in a dynasty league? If you vote other please list the player. If you think someone else should be added next round let me know.

I'll put up the next poll when I get home from work tonight at about 9PM CDT.

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I like McGahees chances here. Buffalo has three options at QB now. One should be at least serviceable. Too bad they also have needs at OL and WR. So we will likely see his downside this year. I don't think anyone will argue he has top 5 potential, and certainly he would argue he's the best fantasy RB... in the league.

Tough to call for me.... McGahee or Edge.....

I see both teams in need of OL improvements, but ARZ has the passing game to open things up for Edge. I don't see that in Buf.

I like them both here.. but voted Edge.

Go with young talent in a dynasty.

Buffalo will address the OL at some point, probably in this draft.

Talent rises to the top, vote McGahee.

in a league that awards 6 points/TD and where i am assured of keeping the player long-term (no possible free agency loss) i'd take peyton manning here

since we're going on 4/TD pass here...i'll go with mcgahee

I'm going to give this one to McGahee and the runoff to Bush. If there's anyone you think should be added to the next poll let me know now.

Bring it on and give me Manning.

Again, there probably aren't any other QBs or RBs worth adding to the list.

A few vet WRs maybe

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I'm going to give this one to McGahee and the runoff to Bush. If there's anyone you think should be added to the next poll let me know now.
:thumbup: Great workI would consider adding Westbrook and Kevin Jones within the next few polls.

Definitely DeAngelo as well.

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I like Fitzgerald here. The RBs are starting to get a bit dogdy - not that they're no good, but it seems like the upside on a guy like McGahee or Rudi Johnson is just not as high as the current production of LJ, Alexander, or LT2.

Time to pick a WR instead - you get more years out of them too. Fizgerald looks well positioned for continued success. The only long-term issue right now is the issue of who the long-term answer is at QB for Arizona. Denny Green continues to show he can plug that hole, so I'm not too worried.


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