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Dynasty Owners: How many leagues? How much money? (1 Viewer)

Concept Coop

How many leagues and how much money?

My pros and cons:

Many Leagues:

-Better indicator of successful ownership.

-More drafts/trade talk/ chances to win.

-Setup diversity.

Few leagues:

-More enjoyment of each individual league.

-Not a chore to set lineups and enter waivers each weak.

-More enjoyment of each individual fantasy point scored while watching football on Sundays (mon/thur).

Personally, 10 (most I’ve had) is likely too much and 3 (least I’ve had) didn’t feel like enough for me. Somewhere in between those numbers is perfect, so I’ll say 5-7. Enough to have a good gauge of my success and enough action via trades and drafts to keep me entertained. I feel like I can get to know each owner in each league, and still have a wide range of competition.

As far as money, I really don’t play for money, but it does add a nice level of risk/investment. I most enjoy $50 leagues and don’t like to go above $150. So far I’ve walked away with enough each year to pay for the following, but I don’t want a $1,000 obligation in the event that the opposite happens one year. $50 is nice as it is easy to justify and winning $300 is still enough to buy myself something nice to celebrate a good season.

Tl;dr: 5-6 leagues at about $75-100 each. Nice balance for me.

I would be interested in the balance between leagues. How many re-drafters, dynasty, ppr, flex, etc.

I play on 4 different sites, ALL are PPR: Antsports (1 team, re-drafter), 2 other sites that are Dynasty, FLEX; then FFGs (usually 3 teams-this year 4 because I got a team as a prize), PPR, re-drafter. Usually 6 teams, but 7 this year because of the prize team.

Antsports-a whole lot of credit, I haven't payed anything for years. The 2 Dynasty-each $100, 1 I picked up last year and the 2nd I got this year: FBGs is 3 teams for #1,000. I haven't paid out money in years.

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I'm currently in 3 dynasty leagues and joining two more this year.

Lowest is free (local league) and highest is $75, other 3 are $50.

That seems about right for me, i didn't plan to end up in 5 (I commish 2 of these) but its worked out like that, I'm always looking for a new challenge so when something appears I'm keen to try it.

Joined HA3 last year and joining the new concept Second Chance dynasty this year. Think that'a me hit my max now though.


4 are PPR

1 0.5 PPR

4 12 teams

1 16 team

4 drafts

1 auction / cap&contracts

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Dropped a couple this year. Going into 2013 I've got 14 dynasties and 2 keepers, around 6 or 7 in the $75-$100 range, a couple around $35 and the rest $50ish. I also usually end up with 5 or 6 redrafts, one $100 and the rest $50. I'm retired though so this is what I like to do....plus more chances to win. All but one annual redraft is PPR, and all but 2 are some sort of flex.

In two 10-team PPR leagues, one 2-person keeper, one 24 man Dynasty contract years. $25 buy in for each (low stakes).

Really like the balance. Spend the offseason messing with/researching for Dynasty. In-season adds/drops is just for the redraft league. Nice balance.

Would like one complete re-auction league each year, but don't want to commish and haven't found a group/scoring system I like.

Last year I was in four leagues. My oldest two were both free, and by far my favorite. I was also in a $50 league that sunset last year (commish let us know two years ago that he'd be stepping down in 2012, and the rest of the league didn't care enough to try to find a replacement, so we agreed it'd be our last season), and a $100 league that just folded a month or two ago after three teams bailed. I'll probably add another league or two this offseason, but I've not decided whether I want to add another dynasty or whether I'd rather go with a keeper or redraft. Back in college I'd get as high as a dozen leagues a year, but now my sweet spot is right in the 3-5 leagues range (not counting a work league and a league with college buddies, both of which are so casual that they require virtually no time investment after the draft).

I will say, I far prefer free leagues with quality owners to money leagues. I feel like there are a lot fewer hassles involved- people are less likely to morph into conscienceless rules lawyers when there's less financial incentive, you get a lot less underhanded dealings, and it's a lot easier to find a quality owner willing to take on a long rebuild. Some will say that money ensures that everyone is active and engaged, but my experience has been otherwise. Besides, most of the time, I'm playing with old friends or acquaintances who I know will be just as engaged when playing for pride as they are when playing for cash. If I'm playing with randoms, cash stakes are a good idiot deterrent... but when playing with guys I know, I prefer playing for pride.

1 - 12 Team Contract League but the way its structured its more of a keeper league

1 - 12 Team Contract League, more in depth than the other one stated above and also commished by someone else (only League I'm in that I don't run)

1 - 16 Team Contract League, Very in depth rules but also cheap ($25) the people stay because they love it

3 Contract leagues

2 - 14 Team Traditional Dynastys

1 - 16 Team Traditional Dynasty

1 - 32 Team Deluxe Traditional Dynasty (Starting up this, 1st start up I've done in 6 yrs and probably the last one I'll do for a long time)

4 Traditional Dynasty Leagues

1 - 12 team yearly Redraft

so thats 8 money leagues and the total entry fees comes to just $500

I also do about 1 or 2 Yahoo or ESPN leagues w/ the common folk.

I usually feel pretty spent by the end of the fantasy season and doubt I will do another start up anytime soon; my son is just getting started into the fantasy bit when he gets old maybe we'll do a league together. So he can learn from his father, like the way I learned from my father; Let the boy watch:

4 leagues here...

2 dynasty, 10 teams each, both PPR with same scoring system and rules...$200 buy in

1 keeper...10 teams, keep 2 players each year, PPR...$200 buy in

1 redraft...10 teams, PPR...$50 buy in...and then we each put in $10 every week and highest pts takes the $100 pot each week :)

Oh, and a long-standing week to week "league" where me and a buddy each pick a new line-up every week against each other...$100 for the winner for the year and $10 each week (which usually evens out pretty closely)

I'm currently in 11 leagues, and might add one more if everything works out. 10 of the 11 are dynasty:

4 standard scoring

2 ppr

2 ppr w/ contracts

All of the above are full IDP as well. In addition to those, I have 2 ppr dynasty w/ no IDP, and then 1 work redraft league.

I don't play for money (and never have), as just competing for fun is more than enough for me, so the only $ I have to pay out is my share of MFL dues. I don't know that the money leagues really hold much appeal for me. It's great to make some cash off your hobby, but I spend enough time on it as it is. I can't imagine how agonizing Sundays in November/December might be if I had a bunch of cash on the line.


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