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Dynasty PPR: JuJu for Devonta Freeman (1 Viewer)


Without knowing anything else would you do this trade?

How many years of tread does Freeman have left on the tires?

Assuming that I am playing to win now and need a RB2, I would deal Juju for Freeman, since JuJu's upside is capped as long as Brown is in PIT.

I don't see why Freeman can't give you 3 more solid years.....he doesn't have that much mileage, he shares the workload with Coleman.  In dynasty, I generally don't look more than 3 years down the road.  A lot can change in 3 years.  Questions remain in PIT.....you don't know when Ben is going to retire, or how long Brown stays in PIT, or if JuJu can elevate his game to be an elite WR.  Right now Freeman is a strong RB2.  If Coleman gets hurt, Freeman can produce elite numbers....like he did in 2015.  I would rather take the guy that I know can produce and still has upside....which is Freeman.

Now if I am rebuilding, then I would lean towards JuJu, since I would be wasting Freeman's good years when I am not a contender.

I’d want the D.Freeman side. 

Juju is a nice upside WR2. 

Freeman is a proven 1-1B coming off a slightly down season.

Juju is overhyped from a huge preseason where AB didn’t play much. 

I think the Freeman side would be paying for upside that likely won’t manifest unless Brown gets hurt. 

If let's say I'm set at both positions, I take JuJu in a straight up move.  He's the more valuable dynasty piece.  That's where roster construction comes into play. 

I have JuJu ranked VERY high for dynasty WR's though. 

Coleman is a free agent after this year. I think there is almost zero chance he stays with Atlanta next year as he is going to want to get paid elsewhere.


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