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Dynasty QB Trade Advice (1 Viewer)


14 Team Superflex League, 0.5 PPR:
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 Flex (can be QB)

My current roster:

QB: Tua, Mac Jones, Trevor Sieman, Teddy Bridgewater, Skylar Thompson, Jimmy G
RB: B. Hall, Kyren Williams, JAylen Warren, Jonthan Brooks, AJ Dillon, Braelon Allen, Rico Dowdle, Keaton Mitchell, Emari Demercado, Zach Evans, Kenny McIntosh
WR: CeeDee, DJ Moore, Marquis Brown, Jakobi Meyers, MIchael Wilson, George Pickens, Alec Pierce, Jacob Cowing, Jalen Coker, Dontayvion Wicks, Sky Moore
TE: Dalton Schultz, Chigoziem Okonkwo, MIchael Mayer, Will Mallory

The Trade:
I get Brock Purdy and his 2nd rounder
I give Hall and my 1st rounder

Thoughts? I need a 2nd QB badly just not sure Purdy is the one to take my shot on.
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What is the scoring like? By that I mean, are QB's head and shoulders better than other positions in terms of raw scoring? If the scoring is set up properly you shouldn't have to play a QB in the flex so it may not be mandatory.

However, if your scoring is heavily skewed to QB's then you could have some issues. At initial glance I think that offer is a bit much to give up. I might try and keep your 1st and exchange that for a 2nd and remove the pick from their side. So Hall & 2nd for Purdy. I still think that's a lot but in SF with QB values too high it could be what you have to do.
Thanks for the thought Gally, The top scorers from last year:
Josh Allen: 407
CMac: 378
Hurts: 368
CeeDee: 361
Dak; 359
Tyreek: 343
Lamar: 343
Love: 325
Purdy: 310
Goff: 304
Amon-Ra: 298
Stroud: 295
MAhomes: 294
Tua: 287
Baker Mayfield: 283
Sam Howell: 272
Trevor Lawrence: 268

For reference Hall scored 261 last year
The top scorers from last year:
So 13 of the top 17 scorers were all QB's including some that missed a few games. That is heavily skewed to QB's. I would offer up for Purdy and see what he counters with. I think the asking price is a bit high. I wonder if there is a 2nd tier QB you could get for a bit cheaper with 80-90% of the points of Purdy. I might try a lower tier QB - Baker type.
I agree with Gally that is too steep even for SF starting QB.
I would target another QB like D Watson, Mayfield or even Cousins.
Giving up B Hall and a 1st hurts long term
Maybe Kyren for Mayfield and a 3rd?
I agree, my original proposal was Hall for Purdy straight up and the counter was adding my 1st for his 2nd.

QB's are hoarded in the league and even getting an offer is a win.
Thanks all, I declined it.

He already countered with Hall, my 2nd and one of my team D's for Purdy...I'm thinking about that one.
I also threw out an offer to the Bryce Young owner...DJ Moore for Young.

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