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Dynasty: Rank the young TEs: Thomas, Reed, Cameron (1 Viewer)

Rank 'em.

  • Thomas, Cameron, Reed

    Votes: 9 14.3%
  • Thomas, Reed, Cameron

    Votes: 11 17.5%
  • Cameron, Thomas, Reed

    Votes: 11 17.5%
  • Cameron, Reed, Thomas

    Votes: 13 20.6%
  • Reed, Thomas, Cameron

    Votes: 9 14.3%
  • Reed, Camerson, Thomas

    Votes: 10 15.9%

  • Total voters

Concept Coop

After Gronk and Graham, I think many of us now have Cameron, Reed, and Thomas filling out our top 5, in some order. How do you rank them?

I know there is a valid argument for others, such as Davis, Witten, and Eifert. But I am looking to get a feel for the young guys who are putting up TE1 numbers now.

Depends on what the rest of your team looks like, IMO. I like Cameron the most long-term, but I think Thomas is the better bet for the next couple years. So, if you're in win-now mode, I'd put him first.

In a vacuum (PPR): Reed, Cameron, Thomas

In a vacuum (Non-PPR): Cameron, Thomas, Reed

If I needed my TE production in order to win now, I'd take Thomas first, without much thought.

If I am rebuilding and not going to win this year, and maybe next, I'd take Reed without much thought.

What Reed is doing as a rookie is pretty damn impressive to date. Long term with RG3 there and their likely further development I like him the best of the three.

I think Thomas' value is driven by Manning. He's probably at the top of the list for short term production up to the point Manning steps away.

Cameron probably has the best physical skillset of the group, but that QB situation is a truly limiting factor.

Dynasty purposes I go Reed, Thomas, Cameron.

Most of his stats in Weeden pt. 2 and Campbell starts have been in the 4Q. Garbage time points are still points, but he needs to be targeted the whole game. He needs to be a bigger part of the passing game, not just a checkdown when they have to throw. Just read the Rotoworld history, its game after game "non-factor in the first half," "quiet for three quarters," etc.

My trust in Cameron was never high and is eroding quickly.
Why do you say that?
have you seen his last 5 weeks?
Week 9 = horrible, awful, sad week

Week 8 = TE6

Week 7 = TE3

Week 6 = TE10

Week 5 = TE25

Nothing stellar obviously, but still no reason to abandon ship
he was TE9 week 8 in PPR and TE6 for non PPR. I didn't even look at the other weeks.
He was TE6 in my PPR (everything else standard league) with 12.1 behind Graham (18.7), Reed (17), Wright (15.8), Vernon (14.2), and Chandler (14.2)

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I think of all these guys Thomas looks the most flukish. Obviously he has a certain amount of talent to get on the field and produce the numbers that he has, but I don't see him as a dynamic yardage guy independent of the favorable Manning situation. We've seen shades of that the past few weeks with him being a little more reliant on TDs. He would probably be near the top of my sell high list for all dynasty players right now.

Cameron looks very good and has special athletic ability. Pretty easy choice for me as TE3 behind the top two guys.

Reed being basically a slot WR listed as a TE makes him a valuable commodity. I don't know if I'd take him over Eifert long term, but he's moving up.

The incoming rookie Eric Ebron would be right in the mix behind those guys. Looks to be a very good prospect and similar to Eifert in that he has WR-like fluidity and explosiveness despite being something like 6'4"-6'5".

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With hoyer at qb, Cameron was te 3 above everyone no debate. Now he's like te8. I'd rather have gates or Vernon Davis. Reed and Julius are 3 and 4 rest of season in my rankings

With hoyer at qb, Cameron was te 3 above everyone no debate. Now he's like te8. I'd rather have gates or Vernon Davis. Reed and Julius are 3 and 4 rest of season in my rankings
I still have Cameron in the 2nd tier, with Thomas and Reed. I think he's a talent, and his situation will be ideal again next season, at least.

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