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[Dynasty] Rookie #22 (1 Viewer)

Who is the #22 rookie?

  • Hank Baskett

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  • Brodie Croyle

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  • Omar Jacobs

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  • Brandon Marshall

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  • Martin Nance

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  • Leon Washington

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  • Other

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  • Total voters
[Jan] Marshall, Marshall, Marshall [/Jan]
Marshall or Nance, both have their strengths and weaknesses.I went with Nance, but could see Marshall.

I like Omar too, but only in the right system.

Martin Nance

Has tremendous size and a big frame...Is a major threat in the red zone...Is underrated athletically...Good leaper who knows how to go up and get the ball...Has big, strong, reliable hands...Will make the acrobatic catch...Physical and knows how to use his body...Tough player who is more than willing to go over the middle...Solid route runner...Intangibles are top notch...Very productive.

I went with Marshall. Voted Gradkowski last round, but, on reconsideration, probably too early for him because his value is more dependent on who drafts him.

Prefer Marshall over Nance, but it is really close between those two.


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