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Dynasty Rookie Draft Trade Help WHIR (1 Viewer)


I currently have 1.03, I've been told by the guy with pick 1.02 he's taking Guice. I've been offered 1.07 and 2.09 for 1.03. I'm thinking I'm going to pull the trigger.

2.09 I should be able to grab say Roquan Smith?

Active Roster (not listing all bench depth)

QB - Wentz, Watson

RB - Kamara, Hunt, Burkhead

WR - Julio, AJ Green, Adam Thielen, Dez Bryant, Mike Wallace

TE - Jimmy Graham, ASF

So I pick up a second round pick for moving down from 1.03-1.07. I think I'm going to accept, after Guice I think the next RB is a drop off and I'll take whichever of Penny,Jones, Michel, Chubb, Freeman is available at 1.07 

If you have no preference to the next 5 or 6 RB's then it seems to be a no brainer for you to accept the offer.  You still get one of the RB's you want and get the extra pick for your troubles.  However, if you value one or two RB's over the next group then I would keep the pick and make sure you get the guy you want.  That pick isn't a difference maker to make me move off the guy I want.  


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