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Dynasty Rookie IDP Draft Rankings (1 Viewer)


Tier One

1) Reggie Bush

A rare athlete who comes around maybe once a decade. Has his own tier with a ceiling comparable to God. :P

Tier Two

2) DeAngelo Williams

Reminds me a lot of LT. Has tested out well and has proven himself to be the top RB behind Bush.

3) Lendale White

A hammy injury will hurt him in the draft but could help his situation. If he ends up waving a terrible towel there will be reasoning for him to go before Williams.

4) Vince Young

Another incredible athlete. If his style translates to the NFL the sky is the limit.

5) Lawrence Maroney

Some argue he's a system back... I disagree, I think he has good vision, power and speed and will fit in well with any team that drafts him.

Tier Three

6) Vernon Davis

A physical freak. He will be a QB's best friend next season and will be able to serve even in those leagues that don't use TE's.

7) Santonio Holmes

A coin toss between Homes and Jackson. I have seen Holmes be a game breaker and will be a homer and put him ahead here.

8) Chad Jackson

Another workout warrior. If his workout numbers and what he has done in the skills competition translates he will be a monster.

9) Matt Leinhart

They say he is the most NFL ready QB and will be even more so if he goes to Tenn.

Tier Four

10) Jerious Norwood

Amased amazing stats on, perhaps, the worst team in the SEC. Can and will be the focus of an offense in time. :bye:

11) Joseph Addai

Can he carry the full load? If he can he has all the skills to be a top back in the NFL.

12) Maurice Drew

Will his size be a problem? He has good bulk so I think he could easily translate into being a full time starter.

13) Brian Calhoun

An excellent speed back who could end up being like Tiki Barber.

Tier Five

14) AJ Hawk

A tackle machine who is about the surest thing in this draft, IMO.

15) Jay Cutler

A lot of hype here. Has all the tools to succeed but all the signs of bust... High risk/high reward here but this is the spot I would take him at.

16) Ernie Sims

Is an incredible athlete who has been plagued by injuries.

17) Sinorice Moss

A small, speedster. With the success of Steve Smith and Santana Moss, no reason why Sinorice can't do the same.

18) Leonard Pope

Another physical monster. His abilities don't always translate onto the field but he could be the best TE of this class.

19) Dominique Byrd

Had limited opportunites in the USC offense but looked pretty damn good to me throughout the Senior Bowl week.

20) Chad Greenway

I have not seen him enough to get a good conclusion. If he lives up to what some say about him he will be a monster... if not then he is another average LB.

Tier Six

21) Omar Jacobs

OMAR! Has a great arm and great mobility... will need to learn the offense for a season or two. Could be brilliant but may lack the intangibles.

22) Jerome Harrison

A shifty runner with good vision. I don't think he is as fast as he is timed but could suprise when he comes into the league.

23) Mercedes Lewis

A tall, athletic TE. Would be a great fit in the Bears offense and would be an excellent pick if he goes there.

24) Maurice Stovall

Big, possesion WR. Has lost more weight and has proven he can succeed in an NFL style offense. Would love to see him in a Pats uniform.

25) Manny Lawson

Physical demon. Period. His rise reminds me of Demarcus Ware and if he goes to the 3-4 he will stay in my top 25.

Tier Seven

26) Demetrius Williams

27) Bobby Carpenter

28) Mario Williams

29) Michael Huff

Tier Eight

30) Martin Nance

*insert Brodie Croyle here (too lazy to change numbers)

31) Brandon Marshall

32) Bruce Gradkowski

33) Demeco Ryans

34) Greg Jennings

35) Jonathan Orr

36) Thomas Howard

37) Kamerion Wimbly

Tier Nine

38) Anthony Fasano

39) D’Arrius Howard

40) Jason Allen

41) Mathias Kiwanuka

42) D’Qwell Jackson

43) Joe Klopfenstein

Tier Ten

44) DonTrell Moore

45) Andre Hall

46) Gerald Riggs

Tier Eleven

47) Abdul Hodge

48) Jon Alston

49) Tamba Hali

50) Tony Scheffler

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Looks alright at first glance, I have to ask how you defined tiers nine, ten and eleven.

Looks alright at first glance, I have to ask how you defined tiers nine, ten and eleven.
I figure RB dropoff. Those RB's will be selected late and would rather have more of a sure thing. They get rated higher on the mere fact that they are RB's even though the reality is that they may not even get drafted. I see it every year so I tend to cluster RB's the further I get down my rankings.

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