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Dynasty Roster Analysis #3 (1 Viewer)


16 Team League Salary Cap/Contract League

(initial draft was last yr...players from back to 2003 could be put on the dts) Drafted 13th in Vet Draft,

1.4 in Rook Draft(traded it).

We are going into our 2nd year.

YEAR ONE- 15-1 after the reg. season

(and the highest scoring team too)

and lost its final 2 games :cry:

Pierce Injury hurt BAD caused me to activate Crowder who put up a 1pt effort(if memory serves me), had a bye in the playoffs and in week 2 lost to the eventual champ who put up his Highest score of the yr and I put up my lowest :cry: , lost the conolation bowl to finish in 4th but drafting is seeded by reg season after the two super bowl contestants :cry:

We are in rules discussion now and there is a chance we may get rid of the contract aspect in 2 yrs...we feel the salarys(which escalate yrly and are performance based on top of a base) will create enough turnover...I am pretty much in cap hell after this yr...think i have one more good run from this squad...not sure if i need to tinker or basically leave the core alone...I know I need some DBs but they are the most plentifull thing avail on the WW and there will be some avail in RFA...We also have FRANCHISE TAGS and TRANSITIONAL TAGS(I will not be using any this yr).

Starting Requirements:

1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE 2Flex(RB or WR), 1K, 2DT, 3LB, 2DB, 1Flex(DT or DB)

Passing TDs 4 points (ALL other TDs 6 pts each incl defensive TDs)

Passing Yards .05 point for every 1 yrd

INTs -1 points 

Passing 2 Pointers 2 points each 

Rushing/Recv Yards .10 point for every 1 yrd

Rushing/Recv 2 Pointers  2 points each

Receptions  .5 points each 

Length of Field Goal Made 0-39 3 pts each

Length of Field Goal Made 40-49 4 pts each

Length of Field Goal Made 50-100 5 pts each

Extra Points  1 point each

Fumbles Lost (to Opponent)  -2 points 

Tackles 2 points each 

Assists 1-99 1 point each

Sacked a QB 1.5 point for every .5

Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 3 points each 

Forced Fumbles 3 points each 

Interceptions Caught 4 points each 

Passes Defensed 1-99 1.5 points each 

Safeties 3 points each 
RED=RFA$$$$/Contract Yrs Left

$1219/2 Brees, Drew SDC QB

$1376/3 Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB

RFA Wallace, Seneca SEA QB

$1801/4 Johnson, Rudi CIN RB

$1795/3 Jordan, Lamont OAK RB

$1713/3 Lewis, Jamal BAL RB

$ 765/2 Morris, Maurice SEA RB

$ 723/1 Taylor, Chester BAL RB

$1689/4 Smith, Steve CAR WR

$1626/5 Williams, Roy DET WR

$1193/1 Smith, Rod DEN WR

RFA Vines, Scott DET WR

RFA Boerigter, Marc KCC WR

RFA Gardner, Rod GBP WR

$ 929/2 Smith, L.J. PHI TE

RFA Becht, Anthony TBB TE

RFA Clark, Desmond CHI TE

$ 92/1 Brown, Kris HOU PK

RFA Akers, David PHI PK

$1112/1 Strahan, Michael NYG DE

$898/2 Berry, Bert ARI DE

RFA Walker, Gary HOU DE

RFA Bernard, Robert SEA DT

RFA Sapp, Warren OAK DT

RFA Redding, Cory DET DE

$1703/5 Vilma, Jonathan NYJ LB

$1518/4 Pierce, Antonio NYG LB

$ 908/2 Gold, Ian DEN LB

$ 650/3 Crowder, Channing MIA LB

$ 640/3 Henderson, E.J. MIN LB

$ 276/1 Bruschi, Tedy NEP LB

RFA Vrabel, Mike NEP LB

$1378/5 Williams, Roy DAL S

$ 513/1 Dawkins, Brian PHI S

RFA Bly, Dre' DET CB

RFA Mathis, Rashean JAC CB

RFA Woolfolk, Andre TEN CB

RFA Carpenter, Keion ATL S

RFA Clark, Ryan WAS S


Total Salary: $24871

Salary Cap: $30000

Cap Room Available: $5128

I will have to fill some roster spots and that will strain the cap...we carry a 40 man roster during the season...1 cap yr must be assigned for each roster spot min....after week 8 any open roster spots dont count against the cap

After Berry went down it is easy to see I had a revolving door at DT...grabbed Sapp he got hurt, then grabbed Bernard to finish out the season.

Developmental Rookie Squad(3yr max stay)

$395 Frye, Charlie CLE QB

$ 56McCown, Luke TBB QB

$ 2Fargas, Justin OAK RB has to be activated or cut

$336 Smith, Musa BAL RB has to be activated or cut

$ 2 Woods, Rashaun SF WR

$ 2 Lyman, Chase NOS WR

$ 61 Gould, Robbie CHI PK

$211 Kaeding, Nate SDC PK

$116 Brown, Mark NYJ LB

$ 18 Hill, Leroy SEA LB

$ 2 Considine, Sean PHI S

$ 3 Harris, Chris CHI S

DRAFT Picks(picks are slotted a salary value)

Year 2006 Round 3.14

Year 2006 Round 4.14

Year 2006 Round 5.11

Year 2006 Round 5.14

Year 2006 Round 6.14

Year 2006 Round 7.14

Year 2006 Round 8.5

Year 2006 Round 8.11

Year 2006 Round 8.14

CAP HITS(cut a player it cost ya % over the course of the assigned contract)

Bo Schobel 4/$260

Glenn Earl 3/$612

Charlie Adams 3/$1

(The cap hit next yr decreases for the top 2 and adams falls off etc)

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I'd resign Rocky Bernard, Rashean Mathis, Ryan Clark and Mike Vrabel

I'd actually try and trade a number of picks to a team that's lookin to build thru the draft and maybe even trade for some 2007 picks as you don't really need much for 2006.

Try and grab a DT and a LB in the draft as this will be a deep draft for LB and you should be able to get a DT in the 3rd round.

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