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Dynasty SF: Trade Gurley? (1 Viewer)


Have a pretty under achieving super flex dynasty team currently sitting at 0-3. Was thinking about trying to trade my Gurley for multiple pieces and woke up this morning to a random offer of my Gurley for his (also 0-3) A. Robinson and a 2019 1st.

Personally I think this is a little light and was thinking about asking for another player in addition to or swapping Robinson for his Evans or maybe adding his 2019 2nd for my 3rd... Thoughts?

My Team: Mariota, Allen, Rosen

Gurley, Fournette, Miller, Ty Montgomery

Diggs, Boyd, R. Grant, Hurns, Gabriel, Dorsett, Beasley

His Team: Brady, Prescott, Fitz, Bridgewater

McCoy, Buck Allen, Anderson, Martin

Evans, Hill,Robinson, Crabtree, M. Jones, Higgins, Wilson, Westbrook, Kerse, Samuel




Yes, it's very low for Gurley.  I wouldn't do it.  I wouldn't be trading Gurley either unless it is a really nice package for the future.

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With Gurley and Fournette, you have a core that should be competitive for awhile.  You just need some help at WR.  I'd look to trade away one of the two young QBs to snag a veteran WR2 type to bridge a year.



This is more than "a little light".  This is borderline insulting. 

Keep Gurley and Fornette and build off of them. If you could find yourself another good WR or 2 and upgrade your QB situation, you would be a nice looking team. Use those peices to build around, not trade off imo.


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